Crew Call: 25 Years of NASCAR Trucks

Winston Kelley, executive director of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, joined Steve Post this week on MRN Crew Call to talk about the Hall of Fame’s most recent exhibit – "Haulin’: 25 Years of NASCAR Trucks."

Nascar Trucks Hall 1While the NASCAR Hall of Fame remains closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the exhibit will be extended through 2020 for fans to see once they can re-open.

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"The other exhibit that we are working on later this year we worked with a partner to move that into 2021 so this is going to be extended through a majority of 2020," Kelley said. "We are really excited about it."

The exhibit, which debuted in February, features a number of trucks, including one from the very beginning.

Nascar Trucks Hall 2"We’ve got eight different trucks starting with the 1994 Ford F-150 that was the first Truck Series exhibition race winner at Mesa Marin that P.J. Jones drove," Kelley said. "That one is pretty unique that we were able to get that." History of Gander Truck Series

The exhibit also features artifacts, helmets, trophies and race reports.

"There’s about a dozen different helmets," Kelley said. "The helmets are one place that driver’s personalities can jump out and you can see that."

Be sure to check with for announcements regarding a re-opening date.

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