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Wood Brothers Racing Helping to Provide Tablets for Seniors

Wood Brothers Racing is raising money to purchase tablets for seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

With restrictions to visitors because of COVID-19, the tablets will give seniors another option to communicate with their loved ones. Wood Brothers Racing started the campaign with a donation of $1,500.

“Jon Wood and the Wood Brothers team and family had the idea to do this and called me right away and of course I was a hundred percent on board,” said Matt DiBenedetto, driver of the No. 21 Ford for Wood Brothers Racing. “I thought it was such a cool idea and it kind of hit close to home because I have friends. I mean even my next door neighbor can’t go see his own mother who’s quarantined in a nursing home.”

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Donations have been rolling in and the Wood Brothers have already been able to provide tablets to Blue Ridge Therapy Connection and The Landmark Center in their hometown of Stuart, Virginia.

“It’s so cool and the amount of reach that we got and the response was amazing,” DiBenedetto said. “So it was even more than we were expecting. Our fan base is it’s so neat and heartwarming to have that much support from everybody. We’re trying to just use this time off to do things that are positive like that.

“We’re going to send out thank you notes that are signed by us to everybody and get those tablets to them.”

Click Here to learn how you can donate to Wood Brothers Racing’s “Tablets for Seniors.”