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Blaney led 45 laps before finishing 37th. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tough Day for Team Penske

Race Recap and Results

All three Team Penske drivers suffered problems in Sunday’s O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 at Texas Motor Speedway.

Brad Keselowski and Ryan Blaney had mechanical issues while Joey Logano suffered a hood problem and a pit road tire violation penalty on lap 156 to keep him out of contention.

Logano, who won Stage 1, finished 17th, one lap down.

"We’ve continued to show up with fast cars at every type of race track and that’s a really good thing," Logano said. "Unfortunately, we just had something break up under the hood and had to spend time fixing that and really hurt the aerodynamics of our Ford Mustang."

Keselowski’s issue happened early in the race as he was leaving pit road on the day’s first stop. When he got back on track ready for the restart that’s when he noticed something happened.

"Something broke out of nowhere," Keselowski said in the garage. "We weren’t going very fast or anything and something in the back of the car broke and it won’t go. It’s one of those really important parts as Kenny Schrader would say."

The team was able to get Keselowski back on track, but he finished 36th, 55 laps down.

Blaney led 45 laps prior to the issue with the No. 12 Ford that sent him out of the race and to a 37th-place finish.

"A part broke off and leaked all the water out, so that’s the way it goes," Blaney explained. "It just seems that’s the way this season is going. We’ve had a shot to win pretty much every race and something happens. That’s getting old, but the car is fast. That’s the bright side, but I’m kind of tired of looking at the bright side. I want to actually start finishing where we should. It’s just one of those days."