Bristol Iracing1
Casey Kirwan became the second first-time eNASCAR PEAK Antifreeze iRacing Series winner in a row on Tuesday night at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Kirwan Captures First eNASCAR iRacing Win

Casey Kirwan passed Zack Novak with five laps remaining to earn his first eNASCAR PEAK Antifreeze iRacing Series victory as the series returned to Bristol Motor Speedway after a several-year hiatus. Kirwan, who started seventh, first took the lead during the final green flag run, and used lap traffic and the bottom groove to make the winning pass, giving Clint Bowyer Racing its first win in the process.

Kirwan took the lead on Lap 174 and immediately began to pull away from the field, building a lead of nearly two seconds. However, with 50 laps to go, Novak moved into second position and closed the gap to under one second. The gap stayed relatively steady for the next 20 laps until a crash occurred in front of Kirwan. Novak capitalized, taking the lead as the race stayed green and Kirwan dipped to the apron in avoidance.

Kirwan made the winning pass when leader Zack Novak (6) couldn’t find his way around Dylan Duval (42).

Despite the setback, Kirwan kept pressing. With Novak committed to the top groove, Kirwan would have to use the bottom to complete his winning pass. With five laps remaining, Novak got caught up behind Dylan Duval, who was racing to stay on the lead lap. Kirwan made the move to regain the lead, and extended the gap to .733 seconds at the finish. Michael Guest joined Novak, his Roush Fenway Racing teammate, in the top three, and Blake Reynolds and Taylor Hurst completed the top five.

Renegades’ Corey Vincent led the field to the green flag, but couldn’t even lead the first lap, as G2 Esports’ Keegan Leahy got the jump on him and led 43 laps to set the pace early. Nathan Lyon and Logan Clampitt, who had the best long-run cars, later ran Leahy down.

Lyon took over and proceeded to dominate the middle of the race, leading 118 of 250 laps. But his stellar run came undone by pit strategy, as he decided to stay on the track instead of pitting during a caution at Lap 163. With tires nearly 25 laps old, Lyon had little chance on the long run that followed, and he slowly fell down the leaderboard to finish 20th.

The race was clean for Bristol standards with only five caution flags, though there were a handful of other incidents where the race stayed green. The track widened out quickly after the green flag, with most drivers preferring the top or middle grooves. But drivers like Kirwan, who set their cars up to turn on the bottom, had a definite advantage, especially on worn tires.

Bristol also marked the end of the regular season and the playoff field of eight drivers is set. Team Dillon Esports’ Blake Reynolds earned the distinction of regular season champion despite not winning a race, beating out Ryan Luza, Bobby Zalenski, and Garrett Lowe for the honor. Those four will be joined by Leahy, Michael Conti, Novak, and Jimmy Mullis, who edged Nick Ottinger by 11 points to earn the eighth and final playoff berth.

Darlington Raceway will play host to the opening race of the 2019 playoffs, with all eight drivers looking to punch their ticket to the finale at Homestead Miami-Speedway. With three wins each, Luza and Novak are the early favorites, but in the playoffs anything can happen, and one bad race is all it takes to potentially fall out of contention. Who will show they are a contender at NASCAR’s toughest track? Find out next week when the playoffs get underway at the track Too Tough to Tame.


Finish Start Driver Laps Laps Led Status Team Name
1 7 Casey Kirwan 250 53 Running Clint Bowyer Racing
2 19 Zack Novak 250 25 Running Roush Fenway Racing
3 32 Michael Guest 250 0 Running Roush Fenway Racing
4 23 Blake Reynolds 250 0 Running Dillon Esports
5 6 Taylor Hurst 250 0 Running N/A
6 13 Ray Alfalla 250 0 Running Wood Brothers
7 12 Nick Ottinger 250 0 Running JTG
8 16 Ashton Crowder 250 0 Running Burton Kligerman eSports
9 14 Matt Bussa 250 0 Running Williams F1
10 11 Michael Conti 250 0 Running Jr Motorsports
11 15 Jimmy Mullis 250 0 Running Richmond Raceway eSports
12 27 Christian Challiner 250 0 Running JTG
13 33 Caine Cook 250 0 Running N/A
14 10 Bobby Zalenski 250 0 Running Joe Gibbs Racing
15 5 Jarl Teien 250 1 Running G2 eSports
16 2 Keegan Leahy 250 43 Running G2 eSports
17 36 Malik Ray 250 0 Running Richmond Raceway eSports
18 18 Ryan Lowe 250 0 Running N/A
19 28 Brad Davies 250 0 Running Jr Motorsports
20 4 Nathan Lyon 250 118 Running Letarte Esports
21 21 Chris Shearburn 250 0 Running Letarte Esports
22 26 Brian Schoenburg 250 0 Running Williams F1
23 3 Logan Clampitt 250 9 Running Burton Kligerman eSports
24 24 Phillip Diaz 250 0 Running Mode Motorsports
25 22 Dylan Duval 249 0 Running N/A
26 35 Eric J. Smith 249 0 Running Jim Beaver Esports
27 29 Casey Tucker 249 0 Running N/A
28 20 Nickolas Shelton 249 1 Running Clint Bowyer Racing
29 38 Adam Benefiel 249 0 Running N/A
30 34 Timmy Hill 249 0 Running Flipside Tactics
31 9 Jake Nichols 249 0 Running Joe Gibbs Racing
32 30 Garrett Lowe 249 0 Running Renegades
33 8 Benjamin W. Nelson 249 0 Running Dillon Esports
34 17 Michael Guariglia 247 0 Running Jim Beaver Esports
35 31 Logan Kress 246 0 Running N/A
36 1 Corey Vincent 232 0 DNF Renegades
37 25 Cody Byus 185 0 DNF Mode Motorsports
38 37 Brandon Hayse Kettelle 144 0 Running N/A