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Jimmie Johnson Daytona Half Marathon 2.jpg
Photo: @JimmieJohnson

Johnson Running Boston Marathon

Hendrick Motorsports driver Jimmie Johnson knows plenty about training, about pace and about racing. He is a seven-time champion and 83-race winner at the sport’s highest level, after all.

But Johnson will apply those same principles that helped him develop into one of NASCAR’s all-time greats to a different kind of course — the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon.

Considering one of the most prestigious marathons in the world, Johnson has been training for today’s race for months. An avid fitness buff, he already ran a half-marathon at Daytona Beach, Florida, earlier this season during Speedweeks.

“It’s not like I’ve not run before, but to increase the volume and the daily miles required — it’s crazy what you put your body through,” Johnson told the Associated Press. “I’m enjoying this taper right now. But honestly, I’ve loved the experience and enjoyed all the pain and suffering that comes with it.”

Today’s Boston Marathon, which is always run on Patriots’ Day, begins at 9 a.m. ET. NBC Sports Network will broadcast the marathon.

10:46:24 a.m. ET – Johnson hit the 5K mark with a time of 00:21:22 with a pace of 06:52 minutes per mile.

11:07:50 a.m. ET – Johnson hit the 10K mark with a total time of 00:42:48 and a pace of 06:55 minutes per mile. He is currently running at 8.70 mph.

11:29:36 a.m. ET – With a time of 04:04:34, Johnson made it to the 15K spot, running 07:01 minutes per mile.

11:51:51 a.m. ET – Twenty-two minutes and 16 seconds later, Johnson hit the 20K mark. His current total time is 01:26:49.

11:56:40 a.m. ET – Halfway! Johnson is at the half marathon split of the Boston Marathon after an hour and 31 minutes and 38 seconds.

12:14:01 p.m. ET – At 01:48:59, Johnson has passed the 25K split, pacing himself at 07:10 minutes per mile.

12:37:25 p.m. ET – Johnson hit the 30K mark with a total time of 02:12:24.

12:47:45 p.m. ET – 20 miles down!

01:01:02 p.m. ET – At a 07:10 minutes per mile pace, Johnson hits the 35K split.

01:26:44 p.m. ET – Almost there! Johnson passes the 25.2-mile mark, with a time of 03:01:42.

He did it! Johnson finished the Boston Marathon with a time of 03:09:07, unofficially, at 01:34:07 p.m. ET.