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One on One with William Byron

Motor Racing Network had the chance to talk to William Byron on Tuesday at Hendrick Motorsports about a number of topics as he gets ready for his sophomore season in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

You’ve had an eventful past week with having your wisdom teeth removed. What kind of experience was that for you?

Byron: The first couple days it was not to bad but then it kind wears on you a little bit as the medicine wears off. It was fine. It’s part of growing up, I guess. I kind of picked that time during the off-season that I was going to do it so luckily it worked out. I didn’t have much going on. I just sat down and watched the Chili Bowl for most of the weekend.

What did you think of the Chili Bowl and would you want to compete in that event in the future?

Byron: It was fun to watch. I would really like to do that one day. With the way our schedules work out I think it would work. It looks really fun and those cars are cool do drive on iRacing now. They are very challenging and different.”

Along with the Chili Bowl, what are some of your other “Bucket List” races?

Byron: I would say the Rolex 24 and probably an Indy Car race or something would be cool. But honestly I’m just focused on NASCAR right now and that’s what I always grew up wanting to do and that’s really all I care about right now.

What’s your big takeaway from 2018 along with your outlook for the upcoming season working with Chad Knaus?

Byron: There really weren’t a bunch of takeaways last year for us really other than learning the Cup Series. I kind of put that year behind us. This year obviously working with Chad it’s going to be exciting. I feel like we started the process back in December doing things together as a team. I feel like its growing and hopefully by the time we get to Daytona it should be up and rolling.

What were you doing in 2002 when Knaus started working with Jimmie Johnson?

Byron: I was just starting to watch races. I was probably five years old and I started watching him when I was probably six. In 2003 or 2004 is when I went to my first race. It was kind of before my time and I think they had the silver and blue car like the one they ran at Homestead (last season). It’s cool to look back on it.

What are some of the things you do in the off-season to help you gear up for the upcoming year of racing?

Byron: There’s a lot of things that you can do to make the next year as best as it can be. It comes down to physical training and mental stuff and then just getting in a car or doing something racing related. I feel like I kind of touch those bases every week and try keep doing that stuff.