Gas 'N' Go: What Should Kahne Do About Kyle Busch?

Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch

What should Kasey Kahne do about another incident with Kyle Busch? Pete Pistone and Dustin Long debate that topic. (Photo: Getty Images)

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The pits are open again and,'s Pete Pistone and Dustin Long each answer this week's featured question in "Gas 'N' Go."

What should Kasey Kahne do after yet another incident with Kyle Busch on the track?

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Pete Pistone
Pete Pistone

I've never been an advocate of drivers using their cars as weapons, and I won't change my view here. However, if Kasey Kahne truly feels he's been wronged by Kyle Busch - again - he needs to do something about it other than complaining in interviews.

Kahne has to draw a line in the sand and retaliate, whether it's a physical encounter on the race track or something more nuanced. But until he takes some kind of action his words will carry less and less meaning.

I get the idea Kahne is upset with Busch, and I'm OK with a couple of drivers not particularly liking one another. In fact, I believe it's something that is lacking and that NASCAR needs more of in a hurry. But it's come to a point where Kahne needs to put up or shut up, quite frankly, if he really wants to end his view of being pushed around by Busch.

Dustin Long
Dustin Long

Whatever Kasey Kahne does, he has to live with the consequences - whether it is retaliating, something less severe or no action at all. 

He has to understand that however he reacts could impact how some other drivers race him. 

Kahne, though, could have the advantage against Busch by delaying any retribution. Busch said last year, according to Kahne, that he knew Kahne was going to get him back at some point.

Maybe Kahne is holding that chance for a race Busch could be in position to win. 

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