Gas 'N' Go: Change the All-Star Race?

Jimmie Johnson

With Dustin Long's proposed idea for the Sprint All-Star race, Jimmie Johnson might have extra motivation to win. (Photo: Getty Images)


Once they started discussing this week’s Gas ‘N’ Go question, Dustin Long and Pete Pistone couldn’t stop, so we decided to present their debate and encourage you to join the conversation on Twitter at @MRNRadio and state if you are with #TeamDustin or #TeamPete.

This week’s question is what one change would you make to the Sprint All-Star race:

Pete Pistone: Charlotte Motor Speedway has hosted every All-Star race but one when Atlanta held the event in 1986. It's time to rotate the race to other venues.

CMS has done a tremendous job promoting and marketing the race over the years. But there isn't much left for the track to do in order to pump some new life into the event. A change to a different track or rotating the race on a yearly basis would help.

Dustin Long: Simple. My change would be that the All-Star winner is GUARANTEED a spot in the Chase. 

Pete: Wow - that's way too far weighted for me.

Dustin: Jimmie Johnson was asked on a teleconference this week about the All-Star format and said "I quit paying attention to the changes so much each year.'' Bet he would notice if a win would GUARANTEE him a spot in the Chase.

Pete:  If you award a Chase spot, what makes it different than a regular-season race with the current format?

Dustin: What's different from a regular season race? No points baby! Win and get in. If the winner is someone who has already won a race, well, good for them. But more than half the field in Saturday night's race has not won. Imagine a driver who has yet to earn a Chase spot battling for the lead. You don't think they'd be willing to try something aggressive to win? This race was about wild action. Let's bring it back!

Pete: NASCAR needs to decide whether this is an exhibition race then or something else. In a way, it's odd to even call it an All-Star race because the sport markets that every week is an All-Star race because all the big names compete. 

Dustin: Well, the Eldora Truck race was a points race and that was different, so why not make the All-Star race more than an exhibition? This is a change that will get people talking. The All-Star race should be a big, bold event! 

Pete: Again you don't have to sell me that the event needs a shot in the arm - my concern is by giving it a championship implication are you cheapening the rest of the regular season by awarding a playoff spot to a driver that wins a race only 90 laps long and in a completely different format than the other 36 races that comprise the schedule?

Dustin: You’re only making the season better with this change.

Who's side are you on? #TeamDustin or #TeamPete. Tweet @MRNRadio your response.


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