Thursday Postcard from Las Vegas

Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Joey Logano

Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Joey Logano laugh at a story Earnhardt told at the After The Lap program Thursday in Las Vegas. (Photo: Getty Images)


LAS VEGAS - OK, so who had Dale Earnhardt Jr. pegged as an eBay addict? How about Jimmie Johnson’s re-enactment of the movie “The Hangover’’ this week? And did you hear about that time in the NASCAR hauler ...

NASCAR Champion’s Week will get serious with Friday’s Sprint Cup Series Awards gala, but Thursday afternoon was about having fun.

During the After The Lap program, Earnhardt was coaxed into discussing all the time he spends on eBay.

Earnhardt said he started looking on eBay to purchase back issues of old racing magazines.

“I was addicted to Amazon, so my eBay cured me of that,’’ Earnhardt said.

He confessed to buying on eBay die-cast cars from the movie “Six Pack’’ and a Brewster Baker T-shirt for the main character played by Kenny Rogers.

“I’m a big Brewster Baker fan,’’ Earnhardt said.

He’s not the only movie buff among the drivers. Johnson and friends have been posing - and posting online - shots that recreate humorous scenes from “The Hangover,’’ the move about four friends who can’t recall a night of debauchery in Las Vegas that includes them losing one of the group. 

In this version, Johnson and his friends are trying to “find’’ crew chief Chad Knaus.

“There’s still a few chapters left,’’ Johnson said.

It’s good stuff from a driver once viewed as vanilla.

Also at the After The Lap program, host Marty Smith of ESPN asked the drivers about their first trip to the NASCAR hauler. 

Joey Logano’s first visit came at Pocono in 2010 after a confrontation with Kevin Harvick on pit road. That’s where Logano gave the memorable line of how Harvick’s wife, DeLana, “wears the firesuit in the family.’’

Logano said he walked into the hauler and NASCAR President Mike Helton asked what he was doing there. NASCAR wanted to talk to Logano’s dad, not him. Logano’s father also had been involved in the fracas on pit road.

Logano called his dad.

“I’m already outside the tunnel,’’ his dad said on the phone.

Logano said, “turn around.’’

Kyle Busch recalled a time he went to the hauler after wrecking a driver at Dover in a Nationwide race a few years back. Busch had tried to get by the driver. The driver wouldn’t get out of Busch’s way and was blocking him.  

“Finally I came over the radio and I said ... three strikes and you’re out,’’ Busch said.

So down the backstretch, Busch got on the radio and counted down “Five ... four ... three ... two ... one’’ and then hit the driver’s car again. This time the driver wrecked. NASCAR called Busch to the hauler.

“They were like, ‘Did you really do a countdown,’ ’’ Busch said NASCAR asked him.  “All I meant to do was touch the guy. It’s his fault he wrecked.’’

And the crowd laughed. 

That’s what it’s about. Having fun. 

The opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Motor Racing Network.     



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