Roush Back At Track

BROOKLYN, Mich. - Jack Roush made his first appearance at a race track since his airplane crash and is recovering from the injuries he sustained in the accident.

Roush suffered a variety of facial injuries in the accident and has lost vision in one eye but remains optimistic of a complete recovery from his other issues.

"I had a damaged left cheek," Roush explained. "I had a broken jaw and I had a compression fracture in my back and I’ve got a back brace for the compression fracture. I have hardware in my cheek. I still have packing in my nose because they say its biodegradable and it will come out on its own. I’m still uncomfortable with the fact that I can’t breathe clearly through my nose. Everything will come back and I was blessed to have great vision in two eyes and now I’ve got great vision in one.”

Roush closely monitored the progress of his team while recuperating at the Mayo Clinic which included a win by Greg Biffle at Pocono two weeks ago.

He continues to believe more success will come and that his organization will stay on track and compete for additional wins and a championship this season.

"The organization has been very strong and we’re peaking at the right time of our year," Roush said. "We’re approaching the Chase here, with I think there’s four races including this one left, and so if we don’t have a mechanical error and miss a wreck, we have a good chance to put three cars in the Chase. With the way the cars are running right now, I think that we’re in a position to be better for the end of the year than we have been all year."

As for down the road, Roush also is confident things are in place for the team to remain a powerful presence in NASCAR.

"I feel very lucky," he said. "I’ve had several bites at the apple here. I’m really proud at the way the organization has rallied. We were gaining in our performance moving from not where I wanted to be in an area of the top 10 into the top five. Robby Reiser and Chris Andrews and Greg Erwin and Bob Osborne and Jimmy Fennig and Donnie Wingo have done a great job keeping the cars going.

"Roush Fenway Racing will out-live me, and it will out-live anybody else that is with the company today. We’ve got the plans in place for that. This was a little test case. How can you do without Jack? Well it’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than anybody."

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