Complicated Formula

There's a lot to like about the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship system.

But like anything else, it's not perfect.

I've been a fan of the Chase since it was introduced and although there was outrage from many long-time fans when the system first debuted, over time some of the staunchest opposition has come to terms that the Chase makes the Sprint Cup Series championship a better product that the previous program.

More often than not, simply adding up points for all 36 races and handing the driver with the most accumulated at the end of the schedule the title ended up in a rather ho hum affair.

It was a rarity that the title battle went down to the final race and the majority of those seasons had the championship wrapped up well before the final checkered flag of the season.

The Chase changed all that and gave NASCAR racing a playoff season similar in nature to other sports. It brings the year to a crescendo and generates interest in the final ten races of the season that many times was lost under the previous plan.

But there are still tweaks that would enhance the system.

Unfortunately any talk of modifications opens up the flood gates for fans to completely overhaul the concept.

NASCAR has made moves since the Chase was introduced some for the good (seeding the Chase based on bonus points for wins) and some not so good (opening up the elite field from 10 to 12).

While putting more of an emphasis on victories was the right thing to do and the addition of bonus points used to see the Chase did spice things up when it came online last season.

However there needs to be an added incentive to the "regular" season of 26 races and awarding a 10 point win bonus to the driver on top after the Richmond cut off race is the right thing to do.

Under the current policy, finishing 12th is really just as good as finishing first after 26 races in the consistency category. What incentive does anyone have for trying to go all out and lead the points at any time of the season other than during the final ten races of the campaign?

Why not put something on the line to give the regular season a jolt and entice drivers to really try and go out and lead the standings before the Chase begins?

Imagine the excitement of Richmond if there were battles to get into the Chase as well as to "win" the regular season point battle and grab the ten additional bonus points that go along with it.

I'm hoping that plan goes into play next season, Will it make the Chase rock solid perfect?


But it will make something that I think is pretty good even better.

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