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I lied.

In my last column I said I wouldn't sneak a peek at the NEXTEL Cup Awards Banquet on television Friday night.

Well, since we got the Christmas tree and all the indoor decorations up in near record time, I found myself in front of the television a littler earlier than planned. So I surfed over the ESPN Classic to catch a short glimpse of the proceedings.

It was worse than I anticipated.

The first snippet I saw was unofficial NASCAR musical spokesperson Kelly Clarkson's performance. There was less shrieking and screaming at a haunted house I visited over Halloween.

The former American Idol winner sounded like she was yelling as loud as she could to not be drowned out by the band playing behind her.

And the shots of audience members Jeff Burton and Tony Stewart, both who looked like they'd rather be getting yelled at by Mike Helton, was priceless.

When I for some reason decided to come back to the telecast a while later, I was "treated" to the comedy styling’s of David Spade. Hard to believe, but he actually made me long for the return of Jay Mohr.

Unfunny and unenthused about sums up Spade's performance, which included nothing about NASCAR or the attendees, except for a few lame prom king and queen comments to Jimmie and Chandra Johnson.

Finally I came back for the grand finale, Johnson's acceptance speech which was about as cold and bland as a leftover pizza in the fridge.

I asked for it by turning on the television. But how NASCAR can continue to produce such a lackluster effort to celebrate its season is beyond me.

  • Kyle Busch and Steven Wallace both gave NASCAR another black eye over the weekend when they were disqualified from the annual late model stock car Snowball Derby in Pensacola, Florida. Neither driver's car passed post qualifying inspection and was disqualified. Wallace added insult to injury by stuffing his pockets with sockets and lug nuts in hopes of getting his obviously too light car through the inspection process. It's pretty embarrassing when drivers from NASCAR's top two divisions have to resort to cheating at a lower level event.

  • This weekend in Orlando, the annual PRI trade show takes place featuring pretty much anything racing-related you can think of on display. Short track America as well as some of the sport's big-time operations find their way to the annual winter gathering and there is usually some news coming from the proceedings.

  • Also on tap this week in Orlando is the final Busch Series awards ceremony. RacingOne will be on the scene there to bid farewell to series sponsor Busch, which gives way to Nationwide next year, and cover the proceedings. Good news, David Spade is not expected.

  • The FCC appears close to giving the blessing for Sirius and XM to merge their satellite radio operations into one mega company. It will be interesting to see how the racing reporting each does will be affected by the merger. And for full disclosure purposes as well as a shameless plug, I am a weekly contributor to the "Sirius Speedway" program with Dave Moody and "The Driver's Seat" with Rick Benjamin. We now return you to your regular programming.
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