10 Questions: David Ragan

In this edition of "10 Questions" RacingOne sat down with NASCAR Busch Series rookie-of-the-year David Ragan and found out about an embarrassing at-track moment this year and why he would want to trade places with the President.

RacingOne: What was your first race?

Ragan: My first race was a Bandalero race at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1998. A Bandolero is basically a go-kart with a suspension and a full-size roll cage on it. It's kind of like a Legends car's little brother. The race was on a quarter-mile asphalt track. The quarter-mile track at AMS on the front-straightaway and pit road that's used for the Legends races.

RacingOne: What's the best thing about being a racecar driver?

Ragan: The best thing about being a racecar driver is the job that you're doing, it's not like a regular job. Being a racecar driver, I get to go fast, I get to hang around cars, I get to go to a lot of cities and see awesome race tracks. The best thing is you're doing what you love and you get a paycheck for it at the end of the week.

RacingOne: What's been your most embarrassing moment?

Ragan: I've had quite a few, but just this year, going to Watkins Glen and Cup practice was rained out that morning so my first laps on the track were with the Busch car and I was trying to find the track. We were in the infield and they had the Daytona Prototype cars there, the Cup cars there and I got lost in the infield just trying to find the track. I was turned around like in the campground and eventually found the track.

RacingOne: If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be and why?

Ragan: Probably, the President of the U.S.A. Just to see a little bit of the inside of what's going on and I feel like I could make a difference in some of the changes that might need to be made. It would just be interesting to see what he goes through in a day because we don't see from the outside looking in.

RacingOne: What's been your most interesting interaction with a fan?

Ragan: I ran into someone and we were talking and we realized we were like second cousins and he lived in Loudon, New Hampshire. We were talking and he said 'Yeah, I'm from Georgia too' and he just lived right down the road from where I grew up at. His mom was one of my cousin's sisters or something like that, so we're kind of distantly kin. It was awkward to find someone like that a thousand miles away from home and in the northeast.

RacingOne: What's your greatest memory of Daytona from before you raced there?

Ragan: I had an opportunity to go to Daytona one time, but probably the best was watching Dale Jarrett win the Daytona 500 and the Bud Shootout all in one year, I think it was 1997 or 1998. Dale Jarrett was one of my favorite drivers when I was growing up. Seeing him, he had won the Bud Shootout, he might've even sat on the pole, he won everything that he could've won in the whole weekend.

RacingOne: What do you carry in your race suit's pockets on race weekends?

Ragan: Anything that someone may have given me throughout the weekend, sometimes people will come up and give you a pin or a lucky penny and I'll usually have all kinds of change and stuff. I always have a Sharpie, and sometimes I'll go to a concession stand or go buy something and still have change leftover in my pocket. But for the most part things that people have given me and a Sharpie.

RacingOne: What kind of music do you have on your IPod?

Ragan: I haven't had an IPod very long. I've got everything from Ray Charles to AC/DC to the Working Title. A little bit of everything, I like a lot of stuff, not a lot of rap. But probably my main guys are Ray Charles, AC/DC, the Working Title and the Allman Brothers. The Working Title is like a college band pretty popular around the southeast around Atlanta, North Carolina area, they're a college rock band.

RacingOne: What's your favorite TV Show?

Ragan: Sportscenter on ESPN, that's something I turn on first thing in the morning and watch at night. I have a lot of favorite shows too, I like Andy Griffith, Sanford and Son, older shows on TV Land. But if you're in my house, Sportscenter or whatever's on ESPN is probably on.

RacingOne: What do you want for Christmas?

Ragan: A white Christmas. Growing up in the south, it's always fun to have snow. Before I went skiing in Colorado probably the most snow I grew up seeing was three to four inches of snow. Snow would be awesome to have on Christmas.

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