Lap-By-Lap: Dover

Welcome to RacingOne's live lap-by-lap coverage of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Autism Speaks 400 at Dover International Speedway.

Be sure to tune in for the entire event as RacingOne will be giving some great prizes away to the participants that can answer a NASCAR trivia question correctly. Questions will be presented at random during the race.


Lap 400 – TRUEX WINNER: Martin Truex Jr. led a career high 217 laps en route to winning his first career NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race by a margin of 7.355 seconds.

Ryan Newman finished second, Edwards, Hamlin and Kenseth complete top five.

Biffle, Martin, Bowyer, Jeff Gordon, Robby Gordon round out top 10.

Kahne, Jeff Burton, Mears final drivers on lead lap.

Thank you for viewing and participating in today’s lap-by-lap coverage of the Autism Speaks 400 at Dover International Speedway. Check back with RacingOne throughout the afternoon for a full race recap, news and notes from today, and reaction to the passing of Bill France Jr.

Lap 394 – 6 to go Truex is cruising – 5.7 second advantage. Teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. is up to 20th.

Jeff Gordon almost hit the wall and fell to ninth from sixth.

Congratulations Cindi Olson: Cindi was the first person to answer today’s trivia question correctly (answer was 9). Thanks to all of you who participated this afternoon and remember to sign up for the RacingOne newsletter for more chances to win prizes.

Lap 390 – 10 TO GO: Martin Truex Jr has over a 4 second lead over Ryan Newman – but remember, yesterday in the IndyCar Series race Helio Castroneves was leading by a similar margin but lost his rear wing in a freak accident – so anything can happen.

Lap 385: Top 10 – Truex, Newman, Edwards, Kenseth, Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Biffle, Bowyer, Martin Kahne.

Lap 380 – 20 TO GO: Truex has over a 3.8 second lead. Jimmie Johnson is onto pit road for a tire problem – he is done.

Right rear tire problem for Johnson.

Trivia Time

How many season sweeps have occurred at Dover International Speedway since the track's debut in 1969?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win a The Sands of Time book and DVD by Bill Lazarus.

Lap 373: Martin Truex Jr. is attempting to become the second first-time winner in two weeks and the fourth driver in Dale Earnhardt Inc. history to win in NASCAR NEXTEL Cup competition (Earnhardt Jr., Waltrip and Steve Park)

Lap 369: Johnson gets past Newman for the second position, but the battle between the two has allowed Truex to open up a 1.6 second advantage with the laps counting down.

Lap 365: Martin Truex Jr. is trying to break away once again – has over a .7 second advantage over Ryan Newman.

Lap 361: Drivers on lead lap (14 total): Truex Jr., Newman, Johnson, Edwards, Bowyer, Kenseth, Jeff Gordon, Hamlin, Martin, Biffle, Kahne, Jeff Burton, Robby Gordon and Mears.

Lap 358: Top five drivers stay out, but the remainder of the lead lap cars pit.

Lap 356 – Caution: Seventh caution – David Gilliland spun on frontstretch and collected teammate Ricky Rudd.

Casey Mears will be the lucky dog, putting 14 drivers on the lead lap.

Lap 355: Jimmie Johnson is battling Carl Edwards for fourth and setting his sights on Ryan Newman. Meanwhile, Martin Truex Jr. is attempting to check out – he is 1.5 seconds ahead of the field.

Lap 348: Jimmie Johnson got anxious and tried to pass Newman – who had just gotten passed by Truex for the lead. Johnson almost lost control but regained it quickly, dropping back to fourth.

Lap 342 – GREEN FLAG: Newman takes the point position once again.

Lap 340: An update on the Tony Stewart/Kurt Busch incident from earlier. The two had been battling for a number of laps. During their battle, Kurt Busch slid up the track a bit and Stewart ran into the back of him.

Busch was very upset, Stewart has not spoken about it yet because he remained inside his vehicle while the team made fixes to his car. He is back on track in 41st place.

Lap 339: Race Update:
Leader – Ryan Newman
Cautions – 6
Lead Changes – 17
Leaders – 6
Cars on Lead Lap – 13 - First person off lead lap is Casey Mears
Out of the race: Jarrett (43rd), Kurt Busch (42nd), Ward Burton

Lap 336 – CAUTION: Michael Waltrip hits the wall twice in one lap and then spins out of control. Luckily, nobody hit him – despite five cars being nearby.

Flat right rear is the cause of Waltrip’s problems.

Robby Gordon had just gotten past Casey Mears and will get the Lucky Dog – putting 13 cars on the lead lap.

Lap 331 – RESTART: Newman takes the green flag. 12 cars on Lead Lap (Jeff Burton got lucky dog). Stewart returns to track after extensive repairs.

Congratulations Michael Huss: Michael was the first person to answer today’s trivia question correctly (answer was Rick Hendrick – for those who missed my hint). Stay with us for more chances to win throughout the afternoon.

Lap 329: With only 70 laps remaining, the leaders are on pit road for what could be the final pit stop of the day.

Newman Wins Battle Off Pit Road! Martin Truex Jr. was second, Carl Edwards third.

Newman’s perfect pit road position (which comes as a result of winning the pole) is paying off this afternoon.

Lap 328 – CAUTION: Ward Burton hits the wall hard, heavy damage to his right side. It was a single car accident.

Trivia Time Perfect time for this question.

Which car owner has captured 10 victories at Dover International Speedway, the most of any car owner at the Monster Mile?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win an American Speed: From Dirt Tracks to Indy to NASCAR book from Life.

Lap 320: Martin Truex Jr. is leading this race – but guess what, the fastest guy on track at the moment is fifth place Jimmie Johnson. That Hendrick COT Dominance may not be over quite yet.

Lap 314: Kurt Busch was just interviewed on television. He is visibly upset by Tony Stewart’s actions: “Pit road was just me stopping there to make a point and only making the situation worse.”

As an update – he was parked by NASCAR for the remainder of the day.

Lap 310: Update for the many members of Earnhardt nation. Junior is up to 24th, but remains two laps down. Ahead of him two laps down are Kevin Harvick, Bobby Labonte, Joe Nemechek, Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers.

Lap 305: Update for reader Amy Smith. 11 cars remain on the lead lap – Kasey Kahne is in 11th (look below for rest of top 10). Jeff Burton and Casey Mears are battling to be the first driver a lap down.

Lap 300 – 100 laps remaining: Top 10: Truex, Newman, Edwards, Bowyer, Johnson, Martin, Kenseth, Biffle, Hamiln, Jeff Gordon

Lap 297 – LEAD CHANGE: Martin Truex Jr. sails by Newman for the top spot.

Congratulations Mike Barnett: Mike was the first person to answer today’s trivia question correctly (answer was 11). Stay with us for more chances to win throughout the afternoon.

Lap 295: Truex has cut down Newman’s advantage to just under half a second, we are in for a heck of a battle in the final 100 laps between these two dominant cars. Also, don’t forget Carl Edwards, who is lurking in third. Whether it is early or late in the run, he has consistently shown he can keep up pace with the leader.

Clint Bowyer is fourth, but he has not shown any promise as far as leading – still, a great run for the second year driver from the Richard Childress Racing stable.

Trivia Time

How many NASCAR NEXTEL Cup races have been won from the pole position at Dover International Speedway?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win a "Dale: The Movie" polo (large).

Lap 284: Newman is once again demonstrating his early run pace – jumping out to a one second lead over Martin Truex Jr. in the opening laps after the caution. But can he keep it up or will Truex once again take over once the laps start accumulating on these sets of tires?

Lap 280: Toyota update for reader Wes Mullen: Vickers (22nd – 2 laps behind), Waltrip (29th – 3 laps behind), Allmendinger (34th - 4 laps behind), Mayfield (41st – 13 laps behind), Jarrett (43rd – 36 laps behind)

Lap 279– Green Flag: Newman starts from the lead. 11 cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 275: During the pit stops – Kurt Busch pulled up alongside Stewart while Stewart was in his pit stall to offer him some words. Kurt Busch has been told to park the car for the day.

Congratulations Mark Taylor: Mark was the first person to answer today’s first trivia question correctly (answer was Jeff Gordon). Stay with us for more chances to win throughout the afternoon.

Lap 272: Pit stops under caution – Clint Bowyer, Martin Truex Jr. and Ryan Newman come out at the same time – Newman takes over lead, Truex seconod, Bowyer third.

Lap 270 – CAUTION: Two car accident – Kurt Busch slides up in Turn 1 and hits Tony Stewart. Both have some damage. Greg Biffle and Denny Hamlin may have also gotten a bit of that as well.

Lap 263: Truex Jr. remains ahead of Carl Edwards by over 2 seconds. Everybody else is over 5 seconds adrift.

Lap 258 Drivers on lead lap (in order): Truex, Edwards, Bowyer, Newman, Johnson, Martin, Kenseth, Stewart, Kurt Busch, Biffle, Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Kahne.

Mears is in position for the Lucky Dog – should a caution come up.

Trivia Time!

Which driver became the youngest NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver to visit victory lane at Dover International Speedway in 1995?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win a copy of the book American Speed: From Dirt Tracks to Indy to NASCAR

Lap 250: Somebody wrote and asked – Kevin Harvick is up to 24th after his early race struggles.

After a strong early run (well, strong compared to the rest of this season at least), Dale Jarrett is on pit road after he lost water pressure.

Lap 245: It has become a little bit of a parade in the last few laps as Martin Truex Jr. is running away with this contest. Edwards, Bowyer, Newman and Johnson are the remainder of the top five.

Kenseth, Martin, Stewart, Biffle and Kurt Busch make up the top 10.

Lap 235: Truex’ advantage over Edwards is down to 2.722 seconds after he struggled to lap 14th place Casey Mears. Bowyer, Newman and Stewart round out the top five.

Congratulations Shawn Bergersen: Shawn was the first person to answer today’s first trivia question correctly (answer was 1997). Stay with us for more chances to win throughout the afternoon.

Lap 227: Truex has not skipped a beat. He leads Saturday Busch Series winner Carl Edwards by over 4.4 seconds with 173 laps remaining.

Lap 222: TV and Radio analysts are praising Martin Truex Jr. – who just made it onto pit road at the last possible second a few laps ago.

Great car control by the race leader – can he hold on?

Lap 220: Clint Bowyer, who took over the lead from Martin Truex Jr. is in for his stop.

Truex resumes his post at the lead.

Lap 217: A small slip by a team member of Jeff Gordon cost him some time on pit road.

Ryan Newman and Martin Truex have just come in for their service.

Lap 215: Truex Jr. just lapped 18th place Robby Gordon and is halfway from his first career NEXTEL Cup victory – a week after Casey Mears won his first career race.

What a story that would be.

Drivers are beginning to make their pit stops – Matt Kenseth is amongst the first of the leaders to make his stop for service.

Lap 210: TV Replays are showing a near miss for Truex Jr. – who almost ran into the back of Juan Pablo Montoya, who he was lapping for the second time today.

Truex Jr. got past him with no problems on the second attempt and is back on his fast pace.

Trivia Time! We have just crossed the halfway point – its time to test your knowledge.

What year was the Dover NASCAR NEXTEL Cup event changed from 500 miles to 400 miles?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win The Sands of Time (book and DVD by Bill Lazarus)

Lap 205: Bad news for Dale Earnhart Jr. fans - he has pitted early once again for what appears to be problems with his right rear.

He had the same problem earlier in the day.

He is now 4 laps off the pace.

Lap 201: Martin Truex Jr. has now led more laps (59) today than he has his whole NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series career (57).

He has a 4.3 second lead on second place Edwards.

Lap 200 – HALFWAY: Some vital stats:
Cautions – 3 (two were competition yellows – one for Kyle Busch incident)
Leaders – 5
Lead Changes – 10
Drivers on Lead Lap – 18 (McMurray is last on lead lap)
Top 20 – Truex, Edwards, Newman, Bowyer, Stewart, Kenseth, Martin, Biffle, Johnson, Kurt Busch, Kahen, Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Raines, Robby Gordon, Jeff Burton, Mears, McMurray, Ragan, Marlin

Lap 194: Only 20 cars remain on the lead lap as Martin Truex Jr. has lapped Riggs and Labonte. Marlin is up next in the crosshairs – but he is a good half straight ahead of the leaders.

Second place Carl Edwards has fallen over 3.5 seconds behind the leader.

Lap 185: We are 15 laps from this race being official, but the rain looks like it will stay away so we should be able to race all 400 laps this afternoon.

Lap 177: As we approach halfway, it is important to note that the Hendrick entourage has not looked as competitive as they have in the first five Car of Tomorrow events. Jimmie Johnson is the lone Hendrick driver in the top 10 with Jeff Gordon in 12th, Casey Mears in 19th and Kyle Busch in 38th, two laps behind.

Lap 172: Top 10 – Truex, Edwards, Newman, Bowyer, Stewart, Kahne, Kenseth, Martin, Biffle and Johnson.

Congratulations Jeff Epperson: Jeff was the first person to answer today’s first trivia question correctly (answer was 27). Stay with us for more chances to win throughout the afternoon.

Lap 165: Martin Truex Jr. has stretched his lead to over a second. 24 cars remain on the lead lap at the moment, but the leader is approaching Joe Nemechek and Dale Jarrett in a hurry.

Lap 158 – LEAD CHANGE: Truex Jr. passes Newman for the lead. The No. 1 seems to like longer runs, while Newman is definitely the fastest at the beginning of the runs.

Trivia Time!

How many NASCAR NEXTEL Cup events at Dover International Speedway have been won by a Chevrolet since the track made its debut on the schedule in 1969?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win a “Dale: The Movie” polo (size large)

Lap 155: Tony Raines and Jeff Burton are having a good battle for 14th place right now.

Lap 150: Interesting race so far this afternoon. It has been competitive up front, yet there have been no major accidents despite some teams struggling with tire wear.

Ryan Newman is in the lead as he surges towards his 100th lap led this afternoon.

Lap 142 – LEAD CHANGE: Ryan Newman takes over the lead for the third time.

J.J. Yeley is in the garage for a shock mount problem – he should be able to return soon though.

Lap 140 – RESTART: Martin Truex Jr. leads. Newman, Bowyer, Edwards, Kahne, Stewart, Biffle, Martin, Kenseth and Jeff Gordon comprise the rest of the top 10.

Lap 137: Leaders all come down pit road for service.

Martin Truex Jr. just comes out ahead of Ryan Newman. Clitn Bowyer, Carl Edwards and Kasey Kahne follow.

Lap 136 – CAUTION: Kyle Busch has hit the wall off Turn 4.

Joe Nemechek is the lucky dog.

Congratulations Leah Baker: Leah was the first person to answer today’s first trivia question correctly (answer was 1995). Stay with us for more chances to win throughout the afternoon.

Lap 135: Some teams have already begun making pit stops – earlier than expected.

Teams are noticing some tire issues developing. Cords are showing on some used tires – this may get interesting if teams gamble and wears out their tires.

Lap 127 – LEAD CHANGE: New Jersey’s own Martin Truex Jr. has taken over the lead from Carl Edwards.

Lap 125: We are nearing green-flag pit stops within the next 20 or so laps. Edwards leads, Martin Truex Jr. second, Newman third. Everybody else is over 5 seconds behind.

Trivia Time!

Which year was Dover International Speedway changed from asphalt to concrete?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win a Race Program package

Lap 118: With Edwards in the lead, Newman is having a heck of a battle with Martin Truex Jr. – who just took over the second position.

Lap 112: Earnhardt Jr. comes down pit road for four fresh tires. 13.3 second stop, but he has fallen to 41st place – 2 laps down.

Lap 111 – LEAD CHANGE: Carl Edwards becomes the first non-Dodge driver to take over the lead during green flag conditions.

Earnhardt Jr. appears to have a flat right rear tire and is falling like a rock down the order.

Lap 110: Jeff Gordon has moved back inside the top-10. Other notables – Hamlin (14), Jeff Burton (15), Johnson (19), Labonte (20), Mears (24), Montoya (26), Waltrip (34).

Lap 100: We have reached the 1/4 mark. Here is the top 10: Newman, Earnhardt Jr., Edwards, Kahne, Truex Jr., Kenseth, Bowyer, Biffle, Stewart, Vickers.

All 43 cars are running – there have been no on-track accidents.

There have been two competition yellows – but that is it.

There have been four lead changes, and polesitter Newman has led the most laps so far (72)

Lap 98: Ryan Newman has now led 70 laps today – he is on a tear!

Once again, he is approaching the rear of the field and will begin lapping competitors soon.

Lap 90: Newman has over a one second lead on second place Dale Earnhardt Jr. The rest of the top-10: Edwardss, Kahne, Kenseth, Truex, Bowyer, Stewart, Biffle and Vickers.

Keep an eye out for the DEI contingency. Both Earnhardt and Truex have been competitive and may be able to keep up with the Dodge crew.

Lap 80: Newman continues the Dodge romp this afternoon. Not far behind though are Carl Edwards and Dale Earnhardt Jr. – who has been strong throughout the first 80 laps today.

Lap 75: Kyle Busch had to stop several times during the latest yellow – he is two laps behind currently.

He was experiencing a problem with his right front shock.

Lap 71 – RESTART: Ryan Newman has taken the green flag and the Autism Speaks 400 is back to green.

Lap 70: Harvick’s team think they have found the problem and he returns to the track, only 1-lap behind the leader.

Lap 67: Newman leaves pit road first. Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carl Edwards, Kasey Kahne and Clint Bowyer follow.

Bad news for Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harvick. His team is underneath the hood checking out his engine. Steam is flowing out though – so it is not looking good.

Lap 65 – CAUTION The final competition yellow is on display. NASCAR instituted these competition yellows because the track is ‘green’ after all the rain wiped off all the rubber that had accumulated on the track – making the 1-mile concrete oval very slippery.

Michael Waltrip is the lucky dog of this caution. He will be at the end of the lead lap as a result.

Lap 60 - Lead Change: Newman passes Kahne for the lead. It is the second lead change of the day and second time Newman is up front.

Lap 55: The Dodge drivers are making it look easy this afternoon. Just 25 laps after the competition yellow, Kahne has begun lapping the rear – Rudd, Jeff Green, Kyle Petty and Michael Waltrip (43rd – 40th respectively).

But hey, Waltrip won’t complain, at least he is racing!

Lap 50: The first eighth of the race is complete and here is the top 10. Kahne, Newman, Earnhardt Jr., Edwards, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Vickers, Riggs, Kenseth and Bowyer.

Congratulations Jeff Burkett! Jeff was the first person to answer today’s first trivia question correctly (answer was Richard Petty). Stay with us for more chances to win throughout the afternoon.

Lap 45: Kasey Kahne is slowly breaking away from fellow Dodge driver Ryan Newman. Scott Riggs has fallen to fifth, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Carl Edwards passing him.

Lap 36: A couple of surprising names at the rear of the field – Jimmie Johnson (35th), Kevin Harvick (38th). Jimmie Johnson had to make two pit stops after making small contact on pit road.

Lap 30: Kahne takes green flag! Burton pitted shortly after the leaders, as did Sauter, who is sharing a pit with AJ Allmendinger (only 42 pit stalls at Dover).

Trivia Time! While teams and drivers make their first pit stop, here is today’s trivia question.

Who won the first Dover International Speedway NASCAR event in 1969?

Send responses to The first person to email with the correct response will win the book American Speed: From Dirt Tracks to Indy to NASCAR

Lap 26 – Pit Stops: The entire field minus Ward Burton and Johnny Sauter pitted during this caution. Kasey Kahne made up five stops with his team’s blazing fast stop. Scott Riggs came out just behind with Newman and Earnhardt Jr. following behind.

Lap 25 – Caution: The first of two competition yellows is on display. Newman has been out front for all 25 laps prior to this caution.

Lap 20: Newman is setting a torrid pace this afternoon. In the short time since the green flag, he has been able to get within half a straightaway from lapping some of the backmarkers.

Edwards remains close behind though, so its not a runaway.

Lap 18: Top five – Newman, Edwards, Earnhardt Jr., Kahne, J. Gordon

Lap 10: Newman is still in the lead, but Saturday’s Busch Series winner Carl Edwards is closing in fast in second place. Behind them, drivers are content to be nose-to-tail as they approach the first competition caution.

Green Flag: Ryan Newman has taken the green flag from pole position and today’s Autism Speaks 400 is underway!

There will be two competition cautions today, on Lap 25 and 65.

Engines Fire: Drivers have gotten the command to start their engines and they begin the first of their pace laps.

Prerace: Driver introductions are complete and today’s 400-lap event at Dover International Speedway is less than 10 minutes away. Although the sun is attempting to peak out after yesterday’s rain storms, weather is still a factor today. Remember, once the race reaches the 200 lap mark, it becomes official.

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