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With all due respect, having Hendrick dominate the way they have has only made NASCAR more boring. There's not much anyone can do, but it sure stinks when one team or driver wins every week. I have no interest this year for a lot of reasons and this isn't helping.

George Leres

The way Hendrick keeps winning reminds me of the local short track where the track hotshoe is in victory lane every week. And there are fans that love that, and others that hate it. I'm in the second group.

Phillip Hoofs

Congratulations to Hendrick Motorsports for the sensational start to the season. It's not like this is a new development, this team has been a powerhouse for several years and has it all going on right now.

Becky Seever

Now Dale Jr. doesn't like the COT? How much you want to bet that NASCAR now listens because their Golden Boy is crying?

Walt Reece

Dale Jr. crying in his Budweiser about the COT! Amazing these "drivers" complain they actually have to drive cars for a living instead of just running around on cruise control.

Sal Forshay

Pete, I read your column where you ripped Tony for making the statements against NASCAR. We, a group of about 20 who watch every race, have been talking about the magic yellows for well over a year. These are not all Tony fans but the majority agree with him. Quit sucking up to NASCAR and be objective. While I am on a roll here, with all the technology that is available, why can't they find a way to extract a piece of rubber or whatever off the track without throwing the yellow flag? In F-1, they lift cars off the track and do not have full course yellows.


Is there a race in Indianapolis this Memorial Day weekend? Seems I heard a rumor to that effect.

Joe Collins, Willowbrook, Illinois

Quit ripping the Indy 500. It may not be what it once was, but I'll take those real cars over the NASCAR taxicabs that have become as boring and predictable as watching paint dry.

Jill Rewein

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