Nobody Asked Me But

Nobody Asked Me, But...

It’s second nature to second-guess.

Almost from birth, we begin cultivating our own unique view of the world, with us at its geographical center. As young children, we are blessed with a degree of wisdom beyond that of our more knowledgeable, insightful and experienced elders. By the time adolescence hits, we have evolved into the most intelligent beings in the cosmos. And by young adulthood, most of us are thoroughly convinced that we could run the show much better than the people currently in charge.

Parents? Morons.

Politicians? Windbags.

Bosses? Don’t get me started.

We’re full-grown these days, but the passage of time has not dulled our inherent desire to second-guess. From the War in Iraq to the new “Chase For The Championship” points system, we’ve all got a better way of doing things. That’s why you can tune into Sirius NASCAR Radio at 7 a.m. for “The Morning Drive,” stay tuned through “The Driver’s Seat” at noon, and roll right through the 7 p.m. conclusion of “Sirius Speedway” without a single lull in the torrent of second-guessing, fine-tuning and better ideas.

Ed in Idaho thinks the five-point winner’s bonus should have been 10. Andy in Michigan says 20 would have been better.

Sean in Kentucky thinks 12 Chase drivers is too many, while Shirley in Connecticut thinks 13 sounds about right.

David Poole thinks the whole idea is crazy. Dave Moody thinks its great. Kernan? He’s somewhere in the middle. But one thing’s for sure; every one of us has devised a failsafe scenario that could have fixed this sport -- once and for all -- if only someone in Daytona Beach had cared enough to call and ask for our opinion.

I’m not complaining about the complaining. After all, if it weren’t for all the “better ideas” floating around out there, it would have been a long, cold and stultifyingly dull off-season. Second-guessing NASCAR’s every move serves an important purpose; giving millions of fans (and the occasional talkshow host) something to do until the season starts and we can get back to the real business at hand; second-guessing drivers and crewchiefs.

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