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The "Chase" certainly ruined Bristol this year. There wasn't any racing going on, just drivers protecting their positions to not lose points. One more reason why I hate the "Chase."

Gregg Heffern, Long Beach, California

The Bristol night race used to be one of my favorites but Saturday night was a pretty boring affair. I'm not sure if it's because of the "Chase" or just that drivers don't want to get into heated accidents, but this year Bristol was a snoozer.

Hank Somers, Bolingbrook, Illinois

The "Chase" had nothing to do with Bristol being so boring this year. It's the track. The event is a spectacle, no doubt. But it's a one groove track that drivers can't pass on. That makes for a parade. And not an exciting thing to watch.

Evan Kushner, Lakevill, Minnesota

After reading your column on the fining of Carl Edwards ("Slap in the Face"), I have to reply. I believe until NASCAR does something to put the "Bearded Pumpkin" in line and make an example of his flagrant shortcomings no one is going to pay attention. I remember several years ago when they put "Mr Excitement" in the penalty box for five laps, it made people think a little bit. When "BP" spins Matt Kenseth out at 190 mph and he narrowly missed a major catastrophe, and all they did was put him to the end of the longest line. Which was diddley squat, where was the deterrent in that? I don't condone what Carl did, and fully believe the incident was just racing, NASCAR is going to have to be quite a bit more consistent and levy fines in line with the seriousness of the incident. How much did the Allisons' and Cale Yarborough fined for their national fight? I remember all of the beating and banging of years ago and don't remember hearing about fines and points being revoked. One more point is that when you have someone like "BP", who has a long history of punting people out of the way, the penalities should severely escalate as the incidents ocurr. Thanks for listening, a long time fan of racing.

Keith Brunner

While I agree with you in principal, NASCAR should hand out some meaningful penalties. However they (NASCAR) created this monster. After Tony "The Moronic Hitman" flapped his gums about how dangerous it was at Daytona, he deliberately went clear across the backstretch to run Matt Kenseth into the grass. Instead of telling Tony to just go to the garage and load up his stuff, they did a "Now Tony don't do that". I don't know what kept Matt Kenseth from making sure Tony didn't finish the race, but there was some serious Jackhandle Justice due to Mr Stewart.

Drivers won't be pushed around, and wait for NASCAR to do something. They have to take matters into their own hands because NASCAR won't do anything significant. Carl was just letting Jr. and anybody else know they will hear from him if they sound the chrome horn on his bumper.

Another peave about NASCAR, if a car is presented to the inspection line with something so serious they have to tell the crew chief to hit the bricks, they should also tell the listed owner, driver and any one with a pit pass assigned to that car to make like horse do-doo and hit the trail with the crew chief. That won't stop the cheating, but it sure will slow down the radical cheating.

Kevin Harvick and the 29 car should have been sent home last year, and Jimmy Johnson should have been sent packing at Daytona.

Basically what I am saying is if NASCAR won't police the drivers in a serious and consistant manner, some drivers will just take care of it themselves.

Rick Hughes, Crystal River, Florida

Congratulations to Marco Andretti for his win. Forget Danica, Marco is the hope for the IRL's survival.

Gene Huston

Champ Car and the IRL are talking about doubleheader weekends next year? Tony George and Kevin Kalkhoven are bigger jokes than I gave them credit for. There needs to be a merger, everyone can see it but the two bozos "running" the show - into the ground.

Bob Reed, Chicago

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