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Is it not time that some ot these drivers are suspended for a race? I hope next weekend one of the Roush drivers take out both Gordon and Johnson. They get away with things and nothing is said or done. NASCAR sits on their behind and looks the other way. What will happen when they are wrecked? It is time to get even. If something is not done quickly you are going to lose the paying fan or something worse will start like trash being pitched on the track all the time, then what?

Jim Godfroy

Jeff Gordon fans just watched our favorite Hendrick driver win his second of the season in true Gordon fashion! So glad to see him back in the top 10. Hey Jeff, those Red Necks sure wasted alot of good beer in Illinois. Keep on keeping on Jeff. One more to tie the great Earnhart and then one more to be one of the greatest of all time. Hey bud! another Championship wouldn't hurt our feelings!! And we would like nothing better'n to see a bunch of RED NECKS pull their hair out and lay claim to Larry the Cable Guy. YEEEEEE HAAAAAA!!!!!

Don Railey

I think nascar should replace Mike Helton. He is a shame and disgrace to the sport. He said "if you push NASCAR, we'll push back harder." Jeff Gordon pushed and big Mike sits on his hands like a baby. Mike is a JOKE. He took points from Dale Jr. for cussing, last week Casey Mears said it was a HELL of a race. Well guess what big Mike the joke is still sitting on his hands. Get out Mike we need someone with more guts than you have. You look respectable but if you let this win of Gordon's stand I have no respect for you.

Judy K. Boyd

If Matt Kenseth isn't the biggest crybaby in NASCAR, I don't know who is. His whining is so old, whenever it's the No. 17 running into someone it's an "accident." But whenever Kenseth is the one in trouble, it's on purpose. Boo hoo.

Stan Taylor, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Gordon's win should be taken away!!!

Gil Martin

Hey Pete, I see your statement that in your opinion Jeff didn't intentional knock Matt out of the way. Interesting since Jeff all but admits that's what he did. Would you have the same opinion if that was Harvick that punted Matt? Hundred dollars says no way. After all, Jeff is on probation to boot. You're 2 sided as always. Thanks for listening.


I remember several years ago, I think it was at Pocono, Richard Petty had an altercation with Dale Earnhart similar to Gordon/Kenseth and summed it up by saying - It was my fault. I was where Earnhart wanted to be. Thus, I feel such incidents should be referred to in the future as being either "seniored" or "Earnharted" followed only by a sheepish grin and the time honored expression "That's Racin!" in honor of the master relocater who always knew the most creative way to find prime real estate on the racetrack.

Cindy Jackman

Why is it that Hendrick's team can get away with anything. Do they pay their way though? About the time people start to cut them some slack. they do something like this, and get away with it. Is that why Brian Vickers is leaving, he is more of an honorable man and just can not get along with them?

Dan & June Freitas

This is for Pete. I agree with you, the throwing of objects after the race was uncalled for. I hate to say it, but the Jr. fans are the worst when it comes to Jeff Gordon winning or doing better than Jr. and the Stewart fans are right up there with them. I attended the Pepsi 400 and the Joliet race. When Jeff got caught up in JJs mess he ended up blowing right thru his pit and coming to a stop right in front of us. The Jr. and Stewart fans went crazy. Now at Chicagoland it wouldn't have hurt my feelings one bit to see Jr. smack the wall. After Jeff won, I had Kenseth fans wanting to kick my butt! It looked like Talladega after Jeff did his burnout. The Jr. and Stewart fans need to stop being jealous of Jeff and just worry about their own driver. Thank you.

Scott Ferguson

Good luck Juan Pablo Montoya. You will need it.

Peter Williamson, Oxnard, California

Kevin Kalkhoven said Champ Car will go back to ovals when the fans tell us they want those tracks back. My question is, what fans?

Pat Freismuth

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