Fans Eye View: Chase Edition

Since NASCAR CEO Brian France announced there would be changes to the "Chase for the NEXTEL Cup" championship beginning next season, RacingOne readers have submitted their suggestions for improving NASCAR's playoff system.

  • More Saturday night races during Chase - avoids competition with NFL and raise threshold to 500 point and 15th place. - Brian Mills

  • I think they should do away with the chase. By having the chase you eliminate a lot of good drivers in the last 10 races because what do they have to race for except money, and it is boring to watch. If you don't do away with the chase, you could make it the drivers who win races. I notice some of the drivers just play it safe to get in the chase and don't ever get up front and try to win. Think hard and long. NASCAR is exciting, lets keep it that way. - dellandphyllis

  • Just drop it!!!!!!!!! - Dave Rupp Kittanning, Pa.

  • 1. Increase the number of races in the chase to 36, 2. Increase the number of cars in the chase to 75, 3. Increase the points for a win to 200, increase the pts for second to 185 and set the points for 25-and-worse to the same amount so non-competitive wrecked cars will be more inclined to park it. - CosmicMaskedAvenger

  • First I would do away with the top 35 in points get in race. Let the newcomers have a chance. Fastest to qualifying is in period. Second do away with the chase period. Now we are back to good old racing. The way it should be. Fastest wins. - Mark

  • Only thing I would do though is award more points to the winner(I say 30 points). Which if that is done, when the chase does arrive the person leading the points should be given more than a 5 point cushion. I say 30 point cushion and then seperate the second place on by 5 points. Gives more incentive to work hard in the earlier part of the year and more reward. And also will make them put it all on the line to win races, not play it safe like Tony Stewart did last year at Homestead. - unknown21

  • Put Bristol and Watkins Glen in the Chase. Get rid of New Hampshire and Dover. - cwag_1

  • 1. Make Watkins Glen the first chase race, 2. Lights at Martinsville and Talladega, 3. Increase points threshold to 500 points, 4. 1 extra point for the pole winner. - penskefan212

  • 1. Do away with the top 35 in points rule, 2. Have the cutoff point be 500 points not 400, 3. Winner gets 200 Points instead of 180, 4. Leader of the most laps get 10 points instead of five, 5. Have a roadcourse in the Chase and a short track in the chase instead of Kansas and New Hampshire, 6. Have all the Chase races at night except for the road course. -sauterfan 1

  • Any parts infractions in the Chase should result in a one race suspension of the entire team and $100,000. Someone else cannot drive the car for the race. They watch it at home. They learn to stop cheating. Scrap New Hampshire. That is hands-down the worst track in the USA. Put in Watkins Glen or an even better roadie in its place. - texasterry

  • Richmond, Vegas & Infineon In - New Hampshire, Atlanta & Kansas out. - bobjama

  • I like the 'Jeff Burton' playoff style model where the chase actually starts with 15 cars, then goes down to 10, then to five, then a champion. Would still be a 10 race chase. Just more to start out with. Would not need the 400 point barrier. Top 15 are in. Run three races and reduce to 10. Run three and reduce to five. That leaves four races for the top-five guys to shoot it out. - nothinbutracin

  • I feel that more emphasis should be placed on winning by awarding more points to that winning driver and also the top 8 qualifiers should get points. - nicks682000

  • Leave it just at the top 10 or within 400 points, but: 1. Let any driver who has multiple wins in, 2. Give the winner 210 points (in other words 215 if they led a lap which is a no-brainer, 220 for leading most laps), 3. Add the Sonoma race in replacing the boring New Hampshire race (maybe move it in the middle of the Chase), 4. Make most, if not all Chase races start in the late afternoon and end in either dark or twilight, or have the whole race at night (ex. Lowe's). - Jrl24rules

  • 200 points for a win for entire season.

    Seven races instead of ten.

    After the "regular season finale," divide the total points by the number of "regular season" races (in this case, 29) and add to 5000. Those are the points at the start.

    Seven different tracks:
    1. Dover/Kansas
    2. Talladega
    3. Sears Point
    4. Martinsville
    5. Texas
    6. Phoenix
    7. Homestead

    Change name to "NEXTEL Cup Championship Series."

    Seven races is a good number (same as the NBA Finals, The Stanley Cup Final, and World Series). It will also prevent a drawn-out "postseason," a common complaint of the NBA and NHL. And the seven different tracks will provide the challenge that fans will be looking for.

    The additional ten points will make winning a priority, as there is now 25 points difference from first to second. Also, by dividing the totals, teams will not lay back and experiment once they have clinched a spot in the series. And changing the name gives it a more official sounding name than "The Chase." - ARK AFL

  • Well i think that the Chase for the Cup was very exciting and intense in 2004 with its debut, and Kurt Busch as the winner but last year it seemed to lose some of its excitment in the end, cause Tony pulled away with the lead in those last few races. So here is some of my ideas.

    1.Last ten races should be called "The NEXTEL Cup Championship Chase Series"
    2.Keep it 10 drivers for the chase, make the drivers race there way in, it will make it exciting racing before and at Richmond for the cutoff.
    3.Shake up the final ten races, move some of them out and add some new ones such as after Richmond.
    10.New Hampshire-In, but id like to see lights added for that race, would be more exciting.
    9. Dover-Keep it
    8. Move Kansas, for Bristol night racing!
    7. Keep Talladega, that racing is great so intense and fun,but add lights for one heck of a night race!
    6. Move Lowes, two races is enough, add Watkins Glen for a twist.
    5. Keep Martinsville, but add lights for night racing, that would be a great night race.
    4. Keep Atlanta,great side by side racing.
    3. Keep Texas, but run the whole race at night say on a Saturday?
    2. Move Phoenix, it seems boring, replace it with Daytona, Nascar starts there in february and should
    finish there in the fall, that is the home of Nascar and just seems right! Its great racing too.
    1. Move Homestead before Daytona, it would'nt be much of a travel hassle and the buzz would be
    flying all over in flordia surrounding the last race at Daytona, but end it at night.

    As far as the points go.

    1.Do away with the top 35 rule.
    2.The winner recives 10 extra points to the amount he would've recieved, and give the most laps leader and extra 5 bonus points too.
    3. Keep the cutoff at 400 pts. - RaceFan101

  • Number 1: Add a road course to the "Chase".

    Number 2: Add automatic entries into the "Chase".
    - Most wins in the first 26 races by a driver not in the "Chase" gets in.
    - Most poles in the first 26 races by a driver not in the "Chase" gets in.

    Number 3: Give the top 3 in each race more points during the "Chase". Make positions 34 through 43 pay the same points (or no points at all) to keep slower cars from getting in the way of the drivers in the "Chase". - Red71

  • Just quit making changes and let them race. I'm sick and tired of planed yellow flags, point changes, they think they are making the sport more popular? I don't know who they are polling but I guess I'm not in their demographic. OK ready, I'll warn you the following is tongue in cheek humor. After they celebrate the winner of the race in Homestead, the put all the car numbers on ping ping balls that actually qualified for a race in that season, put them in a big drum, turn the drum 43 times, (the number of starting positions in a race or the kings number how ever they see fit to use it) Brian France reaches in the big drum, draws out a ping-pong ball and the number on the ball is the champion. I can see it now congratulations - Insert name of current sponsor here, Champ Hideo Fukuyama ! I know, I know, they're doing it for the fans. - Creighton, Detroit, Mich.

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