More Of The Same

Kyle Busch recently turned 21-years-old.

The way he acts, you'd never know it.

Busch's latest demonstration of childish behavior was on display Sunday night in the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. After Casey Mears lost control of his car, spinning out in the fourth turn, Busch's car was clipped and sent into the fronstretch wall when the two made contact.

An obvious racing incident to everyone. Expect of course Busch.

As NASCAR officials and safety personnel tried to get Busch away from the scene, he fought his way back trackside in anger to feebly toss a part of his safety harness at Mears as he passed by.

Amazingly, Busch somehow thought Mears took him out on purpose.

"It was just frustration," Busch said after his latest edition of making a fool of himself on national television. "We had a great race car. We were coming on there at the end. We were clicking them off."

"I guess (Mears) just spun. That’s the tell-tell story of the day. You have to be a little frustrated at somebody for taking out such a great race car."

Apparently in the world of Kyle, everyone's out to get him.

Mears, who is only seven years older than Busch but decades more mature, wasn't completely surprised by the reaction.

"What do you say about it?" Mears said. "It's kind of the same thing over and over again with him overreacting. At some point he has to learn how to carry himself a little better, grow up a little bit and not act react like that."

Rusty Wallace wasn't as kind in his assessment. The retired driver now television commentator took some hard shots at Busch's behavior.

"He needs somebody to kick his ass," Wallace wrote on ESPN's website.

"That was a ridiculous and embarrassing move. Seriously though, the problem is he keeps doing this stuff. You would think he would learn, but he just keeps doing it. I don't like it when somebody disrespects the sport, and that's what he's doing right now."

It's obviuous Busch won't stop himself so it's up to NASCAR to do it for him. Unless a stiffer penalty than the usual wrist slap and fine comes down, the behavior pattern will have no end in sight.

There's a reason why Busch is booed more than the guy who yells "Last Call" at a bar on Saturday night. Fans are tired of the behavior - both on and off the track.

And NASCAR should be as well.

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