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Another week, another member of the Busch family in the middle of controversy. Kurt Busch wouldn't know how to give respect to another car on the track if his life depended on it. That move on Sunday with Biffle at Texas was just the latest example of this guy's complete reckless attitude, and why NASCAR doesn't park him is a mystery.

Randy Horst, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Jeff Gordon used to get the loudest boos from the fans during pre-race introductions. Not any more. Anyone with the last name of Busch gets it from the fans and judging by the latest blunder from Kurt, it is more than well-deserved.

Stacy Paris, Roanoke, Virginia

It's time to put a stop to Kurt Busch's reckless driving once and for all. Even if it were Martinsville or Bristol, the rubbing and driving into another driver is wrong. But to do it at a high-speed track like Texas is criminal. Thankfully Biffle wasn't injured in what could have been a disaster.

Ben Howard, Little Rock, Arkansas

Boy, if it were the No. 2 car in the fence on the receiving end of what Kurt Busch did to Greg Biffle on Sunday, the whining would have been louder than 43 jet engines. Maybe Kevin Harvick was right a couple weeks ago at Bristol.

Mark Muncie, Kenosha, Wisconsin

With only 92 laps in the book and Kurt Busch a lap down, he should have been black flagged for aggressive driving by NASCAR for what he did to Greg Biffle. What happened to the big clamp down on aggressive driving that NASCAR yelled about in Daytona? This was a perfect place to show that the sanctioning body officials have some teeth in making decisions. Talladega is sure going to be interesting.

Kenny Eerin, Glenrose, Texas

Maybe NASCAR should have kid's swimming pools filled with mud and jello on pit road after we saw Biffle's girlfriend and Busch's fiance go at it on pit road, just in case.

Oscar Timmons, Sunydale, California

Everyone seems to complain about NBC's coverage of NASCAR racing, but FOX is equally bad. They missed every restart Sunday in Texas. The constant babble by Waltrip and Jeff Hammond makes Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy seem like professors. What a shame that we're stuck with this crew for another eight years.

Thomas Prescott, St. John, Indiana

Is it me or has FOX totally been in commercial free fall lately? The number of commercial breaks last week at Texas was incredible. They stayed with the race for maybe 10 laps at a time before another break, not to mention all the in-race sponsor plugs. This has really gotten out of hand.

Tamara Trilop, Lancaster, New York

Why would anyone watch what is supposed to be the best open wheel series in the country? The Champ Car "race" at Long Beach was one of the worst events I've ever seen. The crash on lap one looked like a bunch of hobby stock drivers had started the race. No wonder nobody cares about this series.

Gary Force, Santa Monica, California

The Long Beach Grand Prix was a perfect example of eveything that is wrong with today's open wheel racing in the United States. Boring, comical and a line-up of drivers that 1 in about 100 people would recognize.

Valerie Manza

It's great to hear STP will be back on the No. 43 for a couple races this season. I can't wait to see the car on the track.

Isaac West, Prophetstown, Illinois.

Click Here for a sneak peek of the No. 43 STP Charger.

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