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It's about time that NASCAR decided to limit the powerhouse teams from running the sport into the grounds. How can anyone compete in this day and age with the Roush or Hendrick operations? NASCAR was built on building a car and bringing it to the track to race. That isn't possible in today's world.

Kevin Hemphil, Blue Springs, Arkansas

Thank you NASCAR for putting some sense together and stopping the madness of multi-car teams that has made the sport one of the haves and have nots. Roush shouldn't be able to win every year because he has the field stacked. Let there be some competitive balance.

Phil Propseri, Oak Park, Illinois

Why should a car owner like Jack Roush or Rick Hendrick be penalized for working hard, getting sponsorships and having the best teams in the business? The Pettys, the Wood Brothers and some of the other one and two car teams are dinosaurs. Let them pick up their programs if they want to compete.

Leslie Thomson, Naples, Florida

NASCAR thinks it can limit owners to a certain number of teams? I thought they were "independent contractors?" This sounds like franchising to me and the can of worms that will open after this ruling will ruin the sport.

Bob Wehrer, Cincinnati, Ohio

What a fluff piece about NASCAR on "60 Minutes." They worked on that segment for three months and that was the end result? No wonder I never watch that show any more.

Beth Utley, Columbia, Missouri

The NASCAR Hall of Fame in Kansas City. Makes sense. About as much as it does moving the Baseball Hall of Fame to Paducah, Kentucky. Sounds like another NASCAR money grab to me.

Vic Jespers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Come on Mark Martin. We sit in the stands for four hours watching you win and you can't even do a victory lap and wave to the fans? "Salute to You" my #@!

Cal Oppenser, Monroe, Washington

I was very hurt by Mark Martin's actions after his win in Kansas on Sunday. Every driver that has won a race this year has done something to recognize the fans - a burnout, a victory lap, climbing the fence. He wins and drives right to victory lane, where maybe a handful of fans could see him celebrate. Think of the people paying your salary next time please.

Linda Kenny

Just stumbled across you guys and I must say I am one happy camper! Is hard enough here in the UK getting any other racing news other than that wierd type of racing they like over here.
Please keep this wonderful site alive!


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