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Q.  What is the one thing that stands out in your mind about Bristol?

KASEY KAHNE:   You know, just intense every lap.  When you get on the track and practice, if you're not up to speed in your first corner and go for it, you get run over from behind.  It's so fast, so loud, everybody's in one spot.  It's really exciting.  It's a lot of fun to race at.  You know, it's intense.  It's just a really intense racetrack.

Q.  What do you remember about the first time you raced there after the race was over?  What was one of the first thoughts in your mind?

KASEY KAHNE:   The first time?  Man, I don't really remember that.  That was a while back. But I know every time you get out of the car there, if it's qualifying or practice or during the race, I mean, you just -- you know, you're excited, you're on edge.  It's just one of them tracks you have to be going for it every lap.  I don't know.  I don't remember the first time.

Q.  Last week Ryan Newman said that those who are in contention for the points had to look out for guys who were in contention that had teammates.  In other words, he was saying that teammates that are out of the points picture could get in the way and probably play some team ball.  What are your thoughts on that comment?

KASEY KAHNE:   You know, I don't know.  I mean, he's right on edge, so they're probably watching for anything with some of the other cars that are on edge.  I know myself and Mayfield, you know, we just race hard each week, and whatever we get, we get.  You know, I'm not out there blocking or doing anything to help Jeremy make it in the chase.  I know he's not doing that for me because we don't have a shot at it. But definitely I think teams that are close need to watch out for everything.  I mean, it's big to be in the Chase, and every team wants to.  If they don't have a driver in it, they'll do anything to get a driver in it, I would imagine.

Q.  If it came down to it, would you try to cover Jeremy's back?

KASEY KAHNE:   Well, I mean, it depends what it was.  If it came down to it and I was battling for a position and needed to hang on to that position to, you know, help Jeremy get in the Chase, I mean, yeah, I'm going to drive as hard as I can to, you know, make sure the guy doesn't get by me. But there would never be any extra contact or anything like that to prevent that.  Your points are what you got.  You worked for it all year long.  You know, you can't mess with other people because of that.  You can race hard, but there's no reason to mess around and mess with other people's chance at the points.  It's a full-year deal.  It's a 26-race deal to get in, it's not one race.

Q.  How surprised are you, honestly, that you are not in the Chase for the Championship?  I know last year with everything so high, you've got the win this year, but how surprised are you that it turned out that you would not make the Chase?

KASEY KAHNE:   I mean, I'm surprised.  I thought we definitely, you know, would be right in the middle of it, you know, going for it early in the year.  But, you know, it's just the way our year's went, some of the things that have went on, some of the crashes I did at the start of the year, just things that have went on throughout the year. It's a competitive series.  It's a tough series.  You need things to go right.  And we've had too many errors, too many mistakes, and are not going to make the Chase. So really right now, I'm not -- you know, that's just the way it is at this point.  But definitely in earlier in the year, I would have definitely thought we would be a lot closer than we are. 

Q.  Does it make it that much tougher not to go for it since you did go on and get the win and challenge so many times for wins?  You have that portion of being new to this series out of the way.

KASEY KAHNE:   Yeah, I mean, you know, I want to win races and do whatever we can to win races no matter who's leading the rest of the year, whether they're going for points or not.  You know, we're not going to hold anything back.  Just going to try to win races and get our program as strong as it can be at the end of the year to, you know, be ready for '06, for sure.

Q.  I know you raced at the Oscaloosa thing, sprint car.  If the schedule worked out right, would you want to do that every year?  Your thoughts on being a part of that thing again, just the hospitality, fans didn't seem to mob you, but orderly came up and got autographs.  Seemed pretty laid back.

KASEY KAHNE:   That's how it is.  That's how sprint car fans are.  It seems like they're there to watch the race.  You know, I sat in the grandstands at the Knoxville Nationals with all the fans and signed some stuff throughout the night had a good time.  I definitely look forward to running Oscaloosa again next year, running the Front Row Challenge and maybe the non-wing race the following night like Tony did.  If we ever get back to Michigan during the Knoxville weekend, maybe try at the Nationals, too, depending on where things are at. But I'm a huge dirt, you know, sprint car, wing fan.  No matter what, I'm going to always be around those tracks if I can be, if I don't have other commitments.

Q.  And what would you say to fans that are used to just watching NASCAR, whether it be Cup, Busch, or Truck, just watching asphalt completely in terms of what they're missing out with the sprint cars?

KASEY KAHNE:   Well, I just -- I mean, it's fun, it's entertaining, it's a good time to go and watch.  You know, if you don't mind getting a little dirt on you, it's a great time.  I mean, I think when fans go and watch that kind of racing, they enjoy it and go back to it. But, you know, they have to get there first.  And I love it.  Tony Stewart loves it.  We both will keep being part of it, you know, doing those races, you know, hanging out with the fans afterwards, whatever it takes to be part of sprint car racing.

Q.  Excluding the NEXTEL level of competition, what do you feel has been your most challenging situation as a racing professional?

KASEY KAHNE:   Probably the ups and downs of NASCAR, the ups and downs of racing in general.  You know, one week things will be great, and you'll go into the next week expecting things to be great and something happens.  I mean, it's tough to handle sometimes, especially when it happens a couple times in a row, and you just don't know what to think. Those are definitely the toughest times for me, is when things don't go the way that I want.  You know, and in racing, very seldom do they go the way you want.  So that's something that you have to, you know, really work on, on getting through, when they're not going the way you want them to.

Q.  If you look back to the beginnings of your career, the things that maybe were obstacles early on, do they really just sort of not seem quite as intense compared to what you're having to deal with in the level of NEXTEL?

KASEY KAHNE:   Yeah, for sure.  I mean, you just -- coming through the different ranks, learning things, you know, that's just all part of learning.  It's really cool to, you know, be part of that and have done those years of racing that I did. And now it's just so much different, you know, the learning.  You know, you learn each week, but at the same time things go on each week that you don't even expect.  And it's just part of growing, part of learning and racing in the NEXTEL Cup.

Q.  Can you identify a few examples of your job as driver and communicator that fans might not understand, that are routine to you but not to them?

KASEY KAHNE:  Yeah, I mean, you know, hospitalities, getting up in the morning when you're at the racetrack, doing hospitalities and meet-and-greets for the different sponsors that are at that race.  You know, you go straight from that to the driver's meeting, straight from that, try to get some lunch, and then straight out to driver introductions.  And your whole morning is taken up by fans, you know, and by sponsors and commitments. And that's -- you know, that's something that, you know, I think a lot of people don't recognize.  You know, I used to have people say, "Oh, you got it made racing, being a race car driver."  And I think I have it made.  I think it's the greatest thing I could ever do.  But at the same time they don't think you do anything but race.  And there's so much more when you get into the Nextel Cup Series, you know, weekly.  There's weeks when I'll go three weeks in a row without one single day off, you know, and that's something that a guy working a normal job doesn't have.  I mean, it's up and down.  Then a week you'll have three days off and really enjoy that week.  So there's just a lot more out there than what the regular person or the regular fan sees.

Q.  I know you're pretty good friends with Tyler Walker.  What do you think about him being released from the No. 38 Great Clips car?  Will you be driving that car in the remainder of the Busch season?

KASEY KAHNE:  Yeah, I have one race left for Great Clips.  Hopefully we can run good in that one race.  But, you know, it's just a tough situation.  He's a rookie driver.  He, you know, doesn't have all the laps, and things happen.  You know, they weren't able to test him much this year like the Reed Sorensons, Carl Edwards.  They test non-stop and they race non-stop, so that helps. I feel kind of bad for Tyler.  I don't think he got a fair shot.  There's more that goes on with the race car than a rookie driver, you know, can fix at times.  And he just -- you know, he did a good job when he was on the track, and made some mistakes, but I think you need a little more time than that, you know. I drove that car this weekend and didn't feel like it was very good at all.  So I think there's more there than just saying the driver's not getting the job done.

Q.  Do you think he wasn't getting the equipment he needed?

KASEY KAHNE:  I think at times he wasn't getting the equipment he needed.  There were other times when he did and ran decent or he did and crashed.  You know, those are times that are tough.  But I thought, you know, there was a lot of times when he just, you know, wasn't getting the equipment, wasn't getting the car set up properly.

Q.  Do you enjoy racing at a track like Bristol where it's real tight, hot-tempered, crazy Saturday night racing?  Is that something you enjoy doing or is it, "I've just got to get through this"?

KASEY KAHNE:  I actually really enjoy it.  Last year when the points were a lot closer, I was a little nervous going into this race because you can lose a lot, you know, at Bristol or you can gain a lot.  And I was nervous. But this year, without having close points at all, it's just another race, and it's a great racetrack.  It's fun to go to, you know, twice a year, you know, beat-and-bang a little bit, you know, on and off the throttle, steering.  I mean, it's non-stop for 500 miles.  Not 500 miles, that would be forever.  500 laps, I think it is (laughter).

Q.  Just seems like 500 miles?

KASEY KAHNE:  Yeah.  But, yeah, I love it.  I think it's a great track.

Q.  Have you developed, after having two or three years in NASCAR, have you kind of decided maybe you prefer certain types of tracks or do you think when it's all said and done you're going to be more like Tony in terms of excelling at all different kinds of tracks?  Are you trying to be as diverse as you can or have you discovered there's certain places you tend to do better?

KASEY KAHNE:  It is definitely certain places I tend to do better.  But I'm really starting to like all the tracks.  At first I didn't care for the Bristols and Martinsvilles as much, the superspeedways, the drafting and staying in front of cars, and definitely the road courses.  Now I'm starting to like every one of those tracks and I feel like we're pretty decent at the short tracks, pretty decent at the superspeedways, and the road courses, I still have a lot of work to do there.  But hopefully by next year, you know, I'm ready to, you know, run up front at every track we go to, and I think we're definitely going in that direction.

Q.  Do you think the fact that Tony has won at all these different kinds of tracks, you came from a similar background as him, do you think that's a pretty incredible thing or says quite a lot about him?

KASEY KAHNE:  Yeah, I know it's incredible.  I mean, the thing about NASCAR is you need -- you know, you need to have a good race team, the good people behind you.  And we all have that now.  And for him to do that at every track, that shows that he's got a great team, but he also can drive at every single track and figure out what he needs at every track for a setup. You know, those guys got it together right now.  They're the best team right now.  Jimmie Johnson was the best for a while.  Greg Biffle was the best for a while.  And they run good at certain tracks.  But Tony Stewart is the best right now and he's running really good at every single track, and that's what nobody else has done this year.  The way it goes new, Tony is hands-down going to take the Nextel Cup if he keeps doing what he's doing, for sure.

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