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Kurt Busch is starting to come into his own at just the right time of the season. Anyone who thought last year's title was just a fluke is sadly mistaken. This is a championship-caliber team once again.

Sarah Jones, Pittsboro, Indiana

The Roush dominance is scary. How can one team be so good and it seems all others struggle? NASCAR must not be too pleased to have one team be so dominant, even if the wins are spread around to different drivers.

Paul Cannell, Stoughton, Wisconsin

If I had paid a ticket for Sunday's "race," I'd have been furious. What a sham, what an absolutely boring four hours of my life. NASCAR needs to either 1) take this track off the schedule or 2) fix these cars so drivers can actually race and pass each other.

Lance Youlk, Asheboro, N.C.

Pocono is by far the worst place to watch a race, either in person or on television. At least on TV, you don't have to sit in four hours of traffic.

Nick Adams, Manchester, N.H.

How can anyone complain that NASCAR might consider either shortening the races at Pocono to 400 miles or strike one race from the schedule. The track does not belong on today's NEXTEL Cup Series schedule. It is boring and a difficult place for fans to watch a race at. Lose Pocono and add Kentucky or Nashville.

Herb Brown, Highland, Tennessee

The management of Kentucky Speedway have shown the usual manner in which businesses try and get things done in today's America - a lawsuit! What a bunch of cry babies. NASCAR never promised them anything and is under no obligation to give its races to anyone. What a waste of time and money and I hope the track is left with ARCA and IRL on its schedule after this is finished.

Becky Thomas, Princeton, Illinois

NASCAR needs to spread things around for the good of the sport. Kentucky Speedway is just as good as Kansas Speedway or Chicagoland Speedway. Why not put a race there? The track would be sold out and from what we've seen in the Busch and Truck Series, there would most likely be some good side-by-side racing.

George Fushion, Valdosta, Georgia

The Andretti-Green drivers boycotting last weekend's autograph session at Milwaukee because the track made special arrangements for Danica Patrick is ridiculous. Hate to break it to you guys, but without her, you'd be so far out of the spotlight you may as well be racing go-karts at the neighborhood speedpark. What a bunch of babies.

Phyllis Rogers, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Dan Wheldon has proven to be a classless example of someone who can't face reality. Wearing a "Danica Who" shirt and blowing off an autograph session because he was second fiddle is behavior not worthy of an Indy 500 champion or anyone else for that matter.

Bob Watson, Hobart, Indiana

Enough with the Danica Patrick coverage. I'm reminded of NBC focusing on where Wally Dallenbach is running in a Busch race (usually near the rear of the field) while there's a battle for the lead. Let her run upfront and then give her the coverage she deserves.

Val Kale, Phoenix, Arizona

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