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I can't believe the disgusting spectacle I witnessed on Saturday night. If this is supposed to be NASCAR's all-star event, the sport is in terrible trouble. The inclusion of Pamela Anderson and her appearance brought the sport to an all-time low.

Janice Eehens, Batavia, Illinois

If NASCAR wants to associate itself with people like Pamela Anderson, they can count me and my family out. Her trashy and inappropriate outfit was a terrible slap in the face for those of us who considered this a "family" sport, something the powers that be tell us NASCAR is. What kind of family does someone like Ms. Anderson belong to?

Harriet Yancy, Mansfield, Ohio

Someone wipe up the drool from Chris Myers. FOX stooped to an all-time low last Saturday night with their coverage of the all-star race. And Mr. Myers was an even bigger fool than usual with his fawning over Pamela Anderson.

Nick Johnson, Ashland, Wisconsin

As a former officer in the United States Marines, I was not just upset but deeply saddened at the rendition of our National Anthem Saturday night at the all-star race. The person performing made a farce out of a song that represents the greatest country in the land and thousands of people who have given their lives for this country. I was ashamed to be a NASCAR fan Saturday night.

Lonnie Thomas, Topeka, Kansas

I hope the person singing the National Anthem Saturday night at Lowe's Motor Speedway had a police escort out of the track after that performance.

Kenny George, Phoenix, Arizona

What happened to the parachuter who landed outside of turns thre and four Saturday night in the pre-race festivities? We heard nothing about his condition.

Vic Forrest, Bakersfield, California

EDITOR'S NOTE: Actually that was an unmanned parachute that landed outside the track in the pre-race ceremonies, so fortunately there were no injuries.

Can Kevin Harvick be any more inmature? Every time he's involved in any kind of incident, he runs his mouth and makes a fool of himself afterward. Class, Harvick has no clue what that means.

Justin Trent, Yakima, Washington

I love it when Joe Nemechek takes a poke at everyone on the track but what's really the truth. Harvick had nothing to do with what happened Saturday night, it was Tony Stewart who hit Nemechek. "Big Mouth" Joe sure shut his yap when he actually saw what happened on the television replay.

Larry Hume, Portland, Oregon

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