Howdy Y’all.

Ever’body have a good weekend? Anybody clip someone else on the interstate and cause a 30-car pile up like a few of the “greatest drivers in the dern world” did this past weekend? Hope not.

Let’s get right into what I was seein’ and thinkin’ this here weekend….

*Gotta start with Jack in the Hat. I’ve made more fun of this goofy-hat wearin’ munchkin than just about anybody, for a good many obvious reasons, but that don’t mean I weren’t jumpin’ fer joy on Sundee when I read on Racin’One that he was doin’ better.

Racin’ cars and flyin’ planes I reckon are two things where serious injury has just gotta always be in your mind, yet fellers like Jack Roush got them a true love fer both, and folks that follow their true loves in life is somethin’ special. Here’s to hopin’ he can continue to follow his heart and his true loves fer many years to come.

*Hats off to FOX fer doin’ a feature on Sundee about Buck Baker (who died last week). Sure, the piece was shorter than Anthony Lazzaro’s Cup career and contained less excitement, but at least it was somethin’.

*In that one Chevy commercial I seen Sundee, was that Taz or Brooke bitin’ off half of Jeff Gordon’s victory lane check?

*The “Start Your Engines” command this here weekend was by some disc jockeys named Rick and Bubba. Two quick things… 1. No – and please stop the e-mails – it weren’t me!!!; 2. Ya reckon these boys refused to pay FOX and that’s why it’s the first time they didn’t put the camera on the folks doin’ the honors?

*Good to see Andy Petree Racin’ get a sponsor fer the 33 car at Dega, but I’ll be derned if that Preen ‘N Green didn’t get Black ‘N Blue durin’ the practice session and race. Them good folks just ain’t havin’ no luck.

*Couple things on this silly restrictor-plate racin’ stuff….

1. How in tarnation can NASCAR and FOX folks continue to say fans just love this tight, three-wide racin’ at Dayton'r and Talladeg’r, and then ignore polls on FOX, here at Racin’One and elsewhere that show the vast majority of fans think it’s completely borin’? I swear, if NASCAR says somethin’ over and over and long enough, it honestly believes someone else is sayin’ it, too.

2. Havin’ Mike Helton standin’ over the drivers like some principal talkin’ to second graders and tellin’ them things like “It’s not the cars that wreck, it’s the drivers” shows just how ridiculous some of this stuff is.

Look at this with some common sense fer a second… How in the world (because of the rules you make) are you gonna bunch up 43 guys – who get paid and keep earnin’ a livin’ based on every spot they can get on the track – inches apart fer almost four hours and expect them not to ever so much as bump each other? It ain’t the drivers’ fault y’all put them in this ridiculous situation, and sayin’ wrecks are caused by them bein’ impatient is nothin’ more than a way to cover up the fact that the situation you’ve put them in is completely impossible and ridiculous. CHANGE IT… NOW!!!

3. Lastly on this, I’m dern tired of hearin’ this… “Sure, ever’body hates plate racin’, but ain’t nobody ever got a better idea.” Horsepucky.

Ever’time there’s a race at Dayton’r and Talladeg’r, ever’body from Larry Mac and DW to the current crew chiefs and drivers throw out about 20 different ways to make it better. The result?…. no change.

Let’s just start with this one… keep ever’thing the way ya got it fer now, with the exception of the spoilers. Give the teams a minimum and a maximum height fer them things so they can adjust their cars based on how it’s handlin’ in and out of the pack.

The teams that do well adjustin’, they’ll do well and run away a bit. The teams that don’t, they’ll drop back and have to keep adjustin’. Most of all, every dern car on the track won’t be runnin’ the same speed, and thus we won’t have to watch 30-car pileups and people flippin’ down the road ever’time one feller slips up just the littlest bit.

*Speakin’ of Larry Mac and DW… I like them fellers, I really do, but when they tell us stuff like it’ll take a lap or more fer the cars to get up to full speed, and then we watch them reach full speed before Turn 3 on that first lap, how are we supposed to believe the rest of the stuff they tell us?

If it only happened once, that’d be one thing, but they miss stuff like this just about ever’ dern week. Might explain their successes the past few years on the track and why they’s now in the booth.

*Steve Grissom replaces Buckshot Jones… Aaaaggggghhhhhh.

*I was happy to see Jason Keller get him a superspeedway win Saturdee, but how far has NASCAR fallen when you got guys finishin’ third who entered the race only hopin’ to run a few laps and then park it.

Seriously now, how competitive are these things when Tim Fedewa says “my goal today was to just get out there, run about 10 laps or so, and then park it.”

Maybe NASCAR could give us two lineup sheets… one fer the fellers in the field racing, and one fer the fellers in the field only out there so the sponsor can be seen a coupla times.

*Lastly, and just somethin’ to think about…

I’m apparently the only one who thinks it’s horrible that a Michael Waltrip can block the field so that his teammate can win. Pretty soon, mark my words, we’ll have situations where lapped cars – say Jeff Burton and Kurt Busch – will let Matt Kenseth by and then get side by side to block whomever might be chasin’ him. Why not? They're just helpin' out their teammate, right?

NASCAR has allowed that rock to start rollin’ down the hill, and they won't have a dern clue how to stop it once it gains speed.

I’ll talk at y’all next week… I reckon.

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