Lets Get Back To Racin

It’s the day after Christmas as all through my house… there’s crap scattered everywhere.

Hey, I wrote a poem last week, I ain’t about to do that again.

Though I appreciate all the nice words y’all wrote to me about my little Christmas prose last week, ya know what?… Christmas is 364 days away… let’s get back to talkin’ about racin’.

*Randy Lajoie has been sayin’ for years that he stays in the Busch Series so he can have Sunday’s off to be with his family. This week, I seen a Winston Cup crew chief leave for the Busch Series cuz the Cup schedule has gotten outta hand and he, too, wouldn’t mind seein’ his family some. I say more power to’m. You’d think a sport so family oriented – at least NASCAR claims it to be – wouldn’t keep addin’ to the schedule and forcin’ teams to hire more staff so fellers ain’t workin’ 60 to 70-hour weeks, wouldn’t ya?

*Teddy Musgrave is a nice feller who has been through some horrible times lately. I couldn’t be more happy that he’s landed in the truck series where he should run towards the front and even have a few chances of celebratin’ in victory lane. Good guys can finish first my man, I’m sure your time is just around the corner.

*Remember when competition, talent, guts… things like that… used to rule this sport? Folks, money is king now, and the signs are everywhere. In fact, last week had a perfect example. A Winston Cup car owner (Jim Smith) wants a certain driver (Rick Mast) to steer his car. His sponsor (NationsRent) thinks it would like a different driver (Mike Wallace). Of course, the all-powerful sponsor wins that battle and Wallace gets the ride. Funny (or not so funny) part of it is, when the sponsors take off after a year of not winning, it’s the owner that’s stuck with the mess.

*I read somewheres that a bunch of celebrities went out to the Sears Point road course last week and did them some drinkin’ and drivin’. The idea was to give’m a drink and watch’m drive. Then, give’m another drink, and watch’m drive. At the end, the celebs is drunk, and the folks watchin’ collect info on how drinkin’ affects your drivin’. First of all, how do I sign up for next year’s event, and second, were some of the Cup fellers takin’ this test durin’ the season this year?

*A few of y’all keep askin’ me to rank drivers. If it was a bunch of y’all, I’d think about it, cuz I want to do what fans want. But honestly, I can’t think of anything y’all should need less. Ya see, all the drivers know how the points system works, and they all try to be as high on that list as possible. The one that does it the best, well, he’s ranked No. 1. The guy who does it second best, well, he’d be No. 2. It works that way all the way down the line. For me to say some guy 10th in points is ranked No. 4 or somethin’ like that, well, I don’t even need to explain how silly that is.

*I seen somethin’ called the Chase All-Stars Awards in the newspaper last week. It’s some kind of crew awards – which is a great idea – selected by a distinct panel of judges. It didn’t list the judges, but it said they… get this… monitored the moves of every crew member at the track each week to determine the top performers. Every crew member at every race… every week! Musta been a panel of about 1,000 people, ya reckon?

*While I’m on the subject, y’all have heard of the Crew Chief Club, right? It was founded by Jimmy Makar (Gibbs Racing), Todd Parrott (Yates Racing), Robin Pemberton (Penske Racing) and Larry McReynolds (DEI). Well, guess which teams won the dern awards in the contest? Of the 12 categories, a feller from one of their four teams won… well… all 12 of’m. Y’all will be happy to know they only swept 10 of the 12 second-place prizes. Anybody wanna guess who the distinct panel of judges was?

*I seen Rick Hendrick got him a pardon from President Clinton. I don’t know enough about the whole deal to draw a fair opinion, but President Clinton – I think we all know what kind of example he’s been for kids – pardonin’ a bunch of rich and politically-influential folks shore doesn’t look all that good on the surface.

*Lastly… I got me about 20 electronic Christmas cards from y’all last week. Some I could open up pretty as could be, and others just didn’t want to be seen I reckon. Either way, I ain’t never had so much fun as talkin’ with y’all each week and just slammin’ out whatever’s on my mind. I hope y’all are enjoyin’ this ride as much as I am, and thanks for them well wishes.

I’ll talk at y’all next week… I reckon.

I shore do like talkin’ with y’all, so please send any questions or comments ya have about racin’ or my columns to BubbaBurr@AOL.com. I promise to answer’m all.

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