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One dern Winston Cup race since July 9. Geez. That might be good for ol’ Ironhead Earnhardt and his clan -- cuz they get to spend some time off in the Bahamers -- but it’s been downright borin’ around the Burrhead household. It’s given me some time to check out y’all’s e-mails, though. Here’s some of what y’all had to say, plus some other stuff.

  • Scarlett24JG (for y’all computer e-literates, that’s her sign-on) read my column early in the mornin’ last week and says it made her day start off with a smile. All I gotta say about that is thanks for readin’ it, thanks for lettin’ me know you liked it and feel free to write me anytime y’all want. (My e-mail address is at the bottom of this here column).

  • NASCAR says its gonna put some throttle stops and kill switches in them cars now, and it ain’t gonna affect the cars in any way. Nice timing, folks. I reckon those things were just invented, right?

  • Some feller in New York says to me he can name at least 10 drivers in the Truck Series. I reckon he’s got about 90 percent of the country beat.

  • They ain’t keepin’ that No. 43 car painted like that are they? It looks like a bad joke somebody was playin’ on them, or one of my youngin’s finger-paintin’ projects. Their only savin’ grace for savin’ face is if Earnhardt goes back to that horrendous pink/yellow/purple hippy mobile he drove in The Winston. That uglified No. 3 proved that man’d do anything for a quick die-cast buck.

  • Though I’m a big ol’ fan of Jeff Green -- hard to believe he’s the same feller that was just gettin’ in people’s way a coupla years ago in Cup -- it was good to see that Kevin Harvick boy win this past weekend. Green is makin’ a dern joke of the Busch championship race.

  • I caught some of these Legends cars -- heard of them -- on TV the other night. Those little suckers are actually pretty dern fun to watch. To be honest, though, the best part is watchin’ some 14-year-ol’ kid knock some 50-year-ol’ fart outta the way.

  • Tim from Arkansas says he’s pumped for the IROC race this comin’ weekend at Indy. I reckon Tim’s been out in the sun too long. If there’s a more borin’ form of racin’ out there, I don’t know what it is.

  • Speakin’ of Indy, ya gotta love Kyle Petty’s take on what a big deal it is to be racin’ stock cars at the home of the Indy 500: “To me it’s just another race, but more money.” Finally, a driver willin’ to say what he really thinks.

  • Don’t ya wish Hoosier tires was back in the big time? It added another dimension, somethin’ else to separate one team from another. Plus, I’m just about sick of hearing: “The next-generation tire from Goodyear is just wonderful.” Especially after a feller slams the wall at 170 because of a “cut” tire.

  • Charlotte from Charlotte (think she’s fibbin’ about her name?) wants to know about future special paint schemes this year. Well, Jeffypoo is gonna have that No. 24 painted with Snoopy, Woodstock and the Red Baron this weekend. If that’s ain’t special, nothin’ is. Just another way to suck some die-cast money from our pockets.

  • Derrike Cope, still out there somewheres? Remember that Jeff Fuller fella that started the season in the Viagra car? Yo, Hut Stricklin, where y’at? Morgan Shepherd, still kickin’? Loy Allen, Gary Bradberry, Billy Standridge… what up fellers?

  • Dick from Florida is downright giddy about Kerry Earnhardt racin’ against his brother and his daddy at Michigan in a few weeks. Kerry is gonna try to qualify for the race in Dave Marcis’ car. Gee, thanks for the fine equipment, Dad. Kerry’s ARCA car has about as much chance of doin’ well in the event as that No. 71 car.

  • A bunch of kids gotta chance to ride along with racin’ legend Red Farmer recently at Birmingham International Raceway. I’m sure that was fun for them kids, but holy Moses, Red Farmer is what, 128 years old? I wouldn’t be surprised if’n he had his left blinker on the whole time.

  • Little Johnny Andretti went to school just a few miles from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I’d reckon he traded in several potty passes for pit passes way back when.

  • Wreck of the Week: Them Busch boys got in a seven-car scramble two laps into the race this past weekend. For cryin’ out loud fellers, it’s Lap 2!!!

  • That reminds me. The race last weekend wasn’t in St. Louis, it was in Madison, Ill. I wish NASCAR would be honest with folks. Here’s some others. The Charlotte races is really in Concord, N.C.; the Atlanta races is in Hampton, Ga.; Memphis races is in Millington, Tenn., and Milwaukee races is in West Allis, Wis.

  • Every week, Stanley gives out some kinda little tool to the media member who best guesses where it’s driver, Tim Fedewa, is gonna finish. I ain’t gettin’ involved in such a thing … unless, of course, Budweiser runs a similar promotion.

  • Final Thought: Though Johnny Benson sits there like a bump on a log sometimes, and that Bestwick feller reminds me a little bit of Eddie Munster, I truly enjoy that Inside the Winston Cup show on the tube each week. Michael Waltrip is a dern hoot and they do a fine job of workin’ in facts with the fun.

    See y’all next week ... I reckon.
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