Drivers Take Time Out For Mom This Weekend

It’s not often that the drivers in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series have a weekend off. But when they do, it’s usually for a good reason.

On April 23, Winston Cup took the day off for Easter. This weekend, drivers can trade their race-day rituals for Mother’s Day celebrations.

For Tony Stewart, that means he might be giving his mom the day off. You see, she handles Stewart’s business affairs, and there are many of them.

Stewart, 28, not only races in the Winston Cup series, but he also is part-owner of an Indy Racing Northern Light Series team, is forming a World of Outlaws team, is the owner of a dirt late model car and owns a team of racing greyhounds. And his mother, Pam Boas, helps make it all possible.

"She basically runs the whole office. She does the merchandising, handles my personal relationships, pays the bills, makes sure I get to and from where I need to be – just all the business that I conduct, she oversees all of it," said Stewart, driver of Joe Gibbs’s No. 20 Pontiac. "A lot of people warn you about having family work in your business, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done as far as my business is concerned."

Even though they have the weekend off, some drivers will still find themselves behind the wheel. They’ll be traveling to visit their mothers.

Rookie Matt Kenseth will be heading north from his home in Terrell, N.C.

"I’m going to Wisconsin over Mother’s Day weekend to spend time with my mom and my family," said Kenseth, who drives the No. 17 DeWalt Taurus for Jack Roush. "I’m looking forward to getting back home, and I don’t get to do that often. It should be a good, relaxing weekend, that I’m sure everyone is going to enjoy, especially our crew."

Chad Little, driver of the No. 97 Taurus, plans on heading west.

"I don’t have too many opportunities to go home during the season, and even when we race out West, we have to turn right around to get ready for the next race," said Little, of Spokane, Wash. "I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for some time. It allows me to put racing aside for the weekend and put the focus back on my family."

Others aren’t so lucky. Jeff Burton, driver of the No. 99 Taurus, isn’t sure if a visit to Mom’s house will be possible.

"I hope I get a chance to see my mom, but I don’t know my schedule yet. I will certainly be in touch with her on Sunday, and if I can’t see her on Sunday, I will definitely be up there next week of the week after. I don’t spend nearly enough time with my mother, or my father for that matter," Burton said. "I try to spend time with them each off-weekend, but with testing and sponsor commitments it makes it tough."

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