Coulson A No-Show At Texas

Corey Coulson made a commitment to road racer Chris Bingham, and he’s sticking to it. Even if it means Team Coulson won’t be able to compete in the Indy Racing Northern Light Series season finale at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

And that’s exactly what will happen, thanks to a faulty 0-ring on Team Coulson’s G Force-Oldsmobile.

Coulson and Bingham were at Texas last Wednesday and Thursday and planned to put Bingham on the track to complete his rookie test.

"He did five laps Wednesday," Coulson said.

On Thursday, however, the "engine wouldn’t fire."

Because Bingham was not able to complete his rookie test, Coulson withdrew his entry into the Excite 500 because he’s contractually obligated to give provide a car for Bingham to test. If Coulson ran the car in the race with veteran Roberto Guerrero as he had as a backup plan, he risked damaging the car and being without a car for Bingham.

"Since he didn’t pass his test or have a chance to, I wanted to protect the car," Coulson told on Thursday from his team’s headquarters in Minnesota. "So I withdrew my entry.

"I’m disappointed because we would have liked to see Chris run the race."

Not only did the failed test cost Coulson a chance at the race, but it also cost him financially.

"It was very expensive," said Coulson, who has no full-time sponsor.

Coulson’s willing to take another financial hit next Wednesday, though, when he plans on completing the rookie test with Bingham at Texas Motor Speedway.

"I’m doing his rookie test for him so he can get his license to drive in the IRL," Coulson said.

And, if things go as planned, Bingham will be doing that driving at Team Coulson.

"We hope to complete the rookie test and, hopefully, do something with Chris," Coulson said.

Hopefully is the key word.

Coulson admitted that Bingham and his associates were not impressed with the team’s inability to get the car running. Coulson understands Bingham's frustration, but said that’s part of being with a small team.

"I felt really bad about the glitch," Coulson said. "If something goes wrong when you’re a small team at a test, you’re up the creek without a paddle."

After Wednesday’s rookie test, Coulson will know more, but right now he still wants to run Bingham next season.

"I think he’s a damn good race car driver from what I’ve seen so far," Coulson said. "I’m hoping that they’re happy with us. I’m hoping we can do something with him, if not, we’ll go with Roberto."

One thing’s for sure: Coulson will go with Roberto next May at the 85th running of the Indianapolis 500.

"It’s safe to say we’ll definitely be at Indy," Coulson said. "I know I have sponsors who want to be at Indy. We’ll probably be leaning toward a veteran there."

At the rest of season’s races, Coulson indicated he might want a young driver like Bingham behind the wheel if sponsorship works out.

"It’s still up in the air," he said. "We’re looking to run at least one car the whole season."

"We’ve got a lot of things cooking. We’re farther along at this time of year than I’ve ever been in getting a sponsor to run the entire season."

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